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Year 1052 (MLII) was a leap year starting on Wednesday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.



  • Battle of Jabal Haydaran: The Zirid Dynasty is defeated by the Hilalian invaders.
  • Europe

  • Godwin, Earl of Wessex returns to England from exile.
  • Asia

  • The Seljuk Turks conquer Isfahan, Persia.
  • Byodo-in officially changes its name from The Uji Villa, by order of Yorimichi Fujiwara, in Yamashiro Province, (current of Kyoto Prefecture) Japan.
  • Births

  • May 23 – King Philip I of France (d. 1108)
  • Milarepa, Tibetan Buddhist teacher
  • Saint Hugh of Grenoble
  • Deaths

  • June 3 – Prince Guaimar IV of Salerno (assassinated)
  • October 4 – Prince Vladimir of Novgorod (b. 1020)
  • Hugh II, Count of Ponthieu
  • Fan Zhongyan, politician, chancellor, writer in Song Dynasty China (b. 989)
  • Xu Daoning, Chinese artist (b. c. 970) (approximate date)
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