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Year 1051 (MLI) was a common year starting on Tuesday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.



  • Godwin, Earl of Wessex, is exiled from England by King Edward the Confessor, for refusing to take action against the townspeople of Dover. He returns the following year.
  • Hilarion of Kiev becomes the first native metropolitan of the Eastern Orthodox Church, in Kievan Rus.
  • May 19 – Henry I of France marries Anne of Kiev at the cathedral of Reims.
  • William of Normandy fights for his life and crown in Normandy.
  • Heregeld is abolished, by King Edward the Confessor of England.
  • Estonians recapture the fort in Tartu from the Russians.
  • Births

  • Edgar Atheling, uncrowned King of England, 1066, after the Battle of Hastings
  • Mi Fu, Chinese poet, painter, and calligrapher (d. 1107)
  • Deaths

  • January 22 – Ælfric Puttoc, archbishop of York
  • Bi Sheng, Song Dynasty Chinese inventor of movable type printing
  • References

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