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Year 1024 (MXXIV) was an ectopic leap year starting on Wednesday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.



  • The Salian Dynasty of the Holy Roman Empire is founded by Conrad II.
  • April 19 – Pope John XIX succeeds Pope Benedict VIII (his brother), as the 144th pope.
  • After several years in the Peninsula, Roger of Toeni, a Norman knight, leaves the battlefields of the Ebro Valley, and heads back to France. It ends what historians have described as an early crusade.
  • Battle of Lemnos: A Rus' raid into the Aegean Sea is defeated by the Byzantines.
  • East Asia

  • The world's first paper-printed money, which later greatly benefits the economy of the Song Dynasty, originates in the Sichuan province of China.
  • South Asia

  • Emperor Mahmud of Ghazni sacks the Hindu religious center of Somnath, slaughtering over 50,000 people, and carrying off vast amounts of treasure.
  • Births

  • April/June - King Magnus I of Norway (d. 1047)
  • May 13 - Abbot Hugh of Cluny (d. 1109)
  • date unknown
  • Bruno II, margrave of Friesland (d. 1057)
  • Grand Prince Iziaslav I of Kiev (d. 1078)
  • Deaths

  • January - Abd ar-Rahman V, Umayyad Caliph of Córdoba (murdered)
  • April 9 – Pope Benedict VIII
  • July 13Henry II, Holy Roman Emperor (b. 972)
  • December - Sultan al-Daula, Buyid amir of Fars (b. 993)
  • date unknown
  • Alpert of Metz, Benedictine chronicler
  • Cúán úa Lothcháin, Irish poet
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