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101st New York State Legislature

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Members  32
Party control  Republican (19-13)
101st New York State Legislature

Jurisdiction  New York, United States
Term  January 1 – December 31, 1878
President  Lt. Gov. William Dorsheimer (D)
Temporary President  William H. Robertson (R)

The 101st New York State Legislature, consisting of the New York State Senate and the New York State Assembly, met from January 1 to May 15, 1878, during the second year of Lucius Robinson's governorship, in Albany.



Under the provisions of the New York Constitution of 1846, 32 Senators and 128 assemblymen were elected in single-seat districts; senators for a two-year term, assemblymen for a one-year term. The senatorial districts were made up of entire counties, except New York County (five districts) and Kings County (two districts). The Assembly districts were made up of entire towns, or city wards, forming a contiguous area, all within the same county.

At this time there were two major political parties: the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. The Prohibition Party and the Greenback Party also nominated tickets. The growing agitation in favor of bettering the conditions of the working class led to the first nomination of labor tickets, by the "Working Men Party", the "Social Democratic Party" and the "Bread-Winners League".


The New York state election, 1877 was held on November 6. All five statewide elective offices up for election were carried by the Democrats. The approximate party strength at this election, as expressed by the vote for Secretary of State, was: Democratic 383,000; Republican 372,000; Working Men 20,000; Prohibition 7,000; Social Democratic 1,800; and Greenback 800.


The Legislature met for the regular session at the Old State Capitol in Albany on January 1, 1878; and adjourned on May 15.

James W. Husted (R) was again elected Speaker with 64 votes against 55 for Erastus Brooks (D).


Note: There are now 62 counties in the State of New York. The counties which are not mentioned in this list had not yet been established, or sufficiently organized, the area being included in one or more of the abovementioned counties.


The asterisk (*) denotes members of the previous Legislature who continued in office as members of this Legislature. Thomas C. E. Ecclesine changed from the Assembly to the Senate.

Note: For brevity, the chairmanships omit the words "...the Committee on (the)..."


  • Clerk: John W. Vrooman
  • Sergeant-at-Arms: Weidman Dominick
  • Doorkeeper: James G. Caw
  • Stenographer: Hudson C. Tanner
  • Assemblymen

    The asterisk (*) denotes members of the previous Legislature who continued as members of this Legislature.


  • Clerk: Edward M. Johnson
  • Sergeant-at-Arms: Charles A. Orr
  • Doorkeeper: Henry Wheeler
  • First Assistant Doorkeeper: Sandford Reynolds
  • Second Assistant Doorkeeper: Michael Maher
  • Stenographer: Worden E. Payne
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