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Year 1019 (MXIX) was a common year starting on Thursday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.



  • The Azdâji conquest puts an end to the Kingdom of Nekor in Morocco.
  • Asia

  • March 10 – Battle of Guju: Korean General Gang Gam-chan gains a decisive victory over Liao Dynasty forces, ending the Third Goryeo-Khitan War.
  • Toi invasion: Jurchen pirates, from the Khitan Liao Dynasty in Manchuria, invade Kyūshū of Heian-era Japan.
  • Japanese regent and statesman Fujiwara no Michinaga retires from public life, installing his son Yorimichi as regent. Michinaga, however, continues to direct affairs of state from his retirement, and remains the de facto ruler of Japan, until his death in 1028.
  • Mahmud founds the Great Mosque at Ghazni, capital of the Ghaznavid Empire.
  • Europe

  • Moravia becomes part of Bohemia.
  • Yaroslav the Wise becomes prince of Kievan Rus', succeeding Sviatopolk I.
  • A treaty between Sweden and Norway is conducted at Kungälv.
  • Saracens attack the French port of Narbonne.
  • Births

  • Harthacanute, king of England and Denmark (or 1018) (d. 1042)
  • Sima Guang, Chinese historian and politician (d. 1086)
  • Wen Tong, Chinese Northern Song painter famous for his ink bamboo paintings (d. 1079)
  • Zeng Gong, Chinese historian and scholar (d. 1083)
  • Deaths

  • Sviatopolk I, prince of Kiev
  • Ja'far al-Kalbi, Kalbid Emir of Sicily
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