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Year 1016 (MXVI) was a leap year starting on Sunday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.



  • January 7 – Mansur ibn Lu'lu' is ousted as Emir of Aleppo.
  • March 10 – Emperor Sanjō abdicates the throne of Japan, and soon afterwards is succeeded by his cousin Emperor Go-Ichijō, aged about 8.
  • August 27 – The Dome of the Rock, in the Old City of Jerusalem, falls for unknown reasons.
  • Europe

  • March 25 – Battle of Nesjar (off the coast of Norway): Olaf Haraldsson is victorious over former co-regent Sweyn Haakonsson, confirming his status as King of Norway.
  • April 23 – Æthelred, King of England, dies, and is succeeded by his son Edmund Ironside.
  • c. August – Battle of Brentford (near London): King Edmund defeats the Danes under Cnut, Prince of Denmark.
  • October 18 – Battle of Assandun: Cnut defeats Edmund, leaving the latter as king of Wessex only.
  • November 30 – King Edmund dies, and Cnut takes control of the whole of the Kingdom of England.
  • The Pisan and the Genoese republics launch a naval offensive against the Muslim strongholds of Sardinia, in particular Porto Torres, and defeat the fleet of the taifa king of Dénia, Mujāhid al-‘Āmirī.
  • Melus of Bari makes a second attempt against Byzantine-held Southern Italy. To support his cause, he hires Norman mercenaries, unwittingly triggering the rise of Norman rule over southern Italy.
  • Georgius Tzul, ruler of Khazaria, is captured by a combined Byzantine Empire–Kievan Rus' force, which effectively ends Khazaria's existence.
  • Births

  • April 3 – Emperor Xingzong of Liao (d. 1055)
  • June 9 – Deokjong of Goryeo, ruler or Korea (d. 1034)
  • July 25 – Duke Casimir I the Restorer (Kazimierz I Odnowiciel), ruler of Poland (d. 1058)
  • August 24 – Fujiwara no Genshi, Japanese Empress Consort (d. 1039)
  • November – García Sánchez III of Navarre (d. 1054)
  • Edward the Exile – son of King Edmund Ironside of England (d. 1057)
  • Empress Cao – Song Dynasty Empress Consort (d. 1079)
  • Không Lộ – Vietnamese Zen master (d. 1094)
  • Svein Knutsson – King of Norway (d. 1035)
  • Deaths

  • April 23 – Æthelred the Unready, King of England (b. c.968)
  • November 30 – Edmund Ironside, King of England
  • Badis ibn Mansur, third ruler of the Zirid dynasty in North Africa
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