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101 East

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No. of episodes

Original network
Al Jazeera English

Running time
25 minutes

101 East

Presented by
2006–2008: Teymoor Nabili2008–2012: Fauziah Ibrahim2012–present: Steve Chao

Original release
November 2006 (2006-11) – present

101 East is an award-winning weekly television programme, broadcast by Al Jazeera English, that focuses on current affairs in Asia and the Pacific. The show started in 2006 and operates out of Al Jazeera's Asia bureau in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


101 East airs each week on Al Jazeera English at the following times: 22:30 UTC Thursday, 09:30 UTC Friday, 03:30 UTC Saturday and 16:30 UTC Sunday.

It is also available on the 101 East website and YouTube.


101 East is presented by Steve Chao.

Before joining Al Jazeera's 101 East programme, Steve Chao reported from various hotspots, including Afghanistan following September 11, the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, earthquake in Haiti, terror attacks in Mumbai, the North Pole, the 2004 tsunami from Thailand, and the 2011 tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan.

Chao is a Canadian journalist and was Asia Bureau Chief for CTV News before joining Al Jazeera in 2009.

101 East was hosted by Teymoor Nabili for two years, from its launch to August 2008. Fauziah Ibrahim presented the programme from September 2008 to 2012.

Senior Staff reporters for 101 East include Chan Tau Chou and Drew Ambrose.

Other producers and reporters who have contributed to 101 East include:

Aaron Fernandes, Adnan Khan, Aela Callan, Amos Roberts, Caro Meldrum-Hanna, Catherine Scott, David O'Shea, Deb Whitmont, Dominique Schwartz, Elise Potaka, Eric Campbell, Evan Williams, Geoff Thompson, George Roberts, Harry Fawcett, Hywel Davies, James Bennett, James Leong/Lynn Lee (Lianain Films), Kalpana Pradhan, Karishma Vyas, Kathy Hearn, Kay Lie, Laura Kyle, Liam Cochrane, Mark Willacy, Mary Ann Jolley, Matt Brown, Matt Peacock, Max Walker, Nic Dunlop, Nick Ahlmark, Nick Lazaredes, Nidhi Dutt, Nirmal Ghosh, Orlando de Guzman, Pail Beban, Pailin Wedel, Parky Krish, Paul Roy, Robin Forestier-Walker, Sabour Bradley, Sally Sara, Samantha Hawley, Sarah Ferguson, Sarah Yeo, Selina Downes, Step Vaessen, Stephen McDonell, Steve Nettleton, Subina Shrestha, Supriya Sobti, Tania Rashid, Tiffany Ang, Tony Birtley, Tony Cheng, Tony Jackson (Chemical Media) Trevor Bormann, Veronica Pedrosa, Wayne Hay, Yaara Bou Melhem, and Zoe Daniel.


101 East has won many international awards. It won the Best Current Affairs Programme Award for the Asian Television Awards in 2015 and 2013. Steve Chao won Best Current Affairs Presenter in 2015 at the Asian Television Awards. 101 East was nominated for an International Emmy in 2015 for the film 'Stray Bullets' at the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Several other 101 East documentaries have attracted international critical acclaim and have earned the show the following awards.

2016 Awards

20th Human Rights Press Awards in Hong Kong

  • Sabah's Invisible Children - Outstanding Reporting On Human Rights Issues In Asian Region
  • New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards

  • Afghanistan's Billion Dollar Drug War - Gold Medal (Best Investigative Report) & Gold Medal (Human Concerns)
  • Malaysia's Unwanted - Gold Medal (Current Affairs)
  • Myanmar's Jade Curse - Gold Medal (National/International Affairs) & Silver Medal (Best Investigative Report)
  • Steve Chao - Best news Reporter/Correspondent - Gold Medal
  • Murder in Malaysia - Silver Medal (Best Investigative Report) & Finalist Certificate (Politics)
  • Becoming Pacquiao - Silver Medal (Best Sports Journalism)
  • Afghanistan: No Country For Women - Finalist Certificate (Cultural Issues)
  • 2015 Awards

    19th Human Rights Press Awards in Hong Kong

  • War On Witches - Grand Prize
  • Muzzling The Messenger - Special Merit
  • New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards

  • Return of the Lizard King - Gold Medal (Best Investigative Report)
  • The Dolphin Hunters - Gold Medal (Cultural Issues)
  • Stray Bullets - Gold Medal (Current Affairs)
  • Steve Chao - Best News Reporter/Correspondent - Gold Medal
  • We Built This City - Bronze Medal (National/International Affairs)
  • Food for Thought - Finalist Certificate (Human Concerns)
  • Indonesia's Rock Governor - Finalist Certificate (Biography/Profiles)
  • Amnesty Media Awards

  • Afghanistan: No Country For Women - Best Film (Television category)
  • Asian Television Awards

  • Afghanistan's Billion Dollar Drug War - Best Current Affairs Program
  • Steve Chao - Afghanistan's Billion Dollar Drug War - Best Current Affairs Presenter
  • International Emmy Awards

  • Stray Bullets - Finalist in "Current Affairs" category
  • Women's Empowerment Journalism Awards (Hong Kong)

  • Solo Mums - Finalist in "Broadcast Story of the Year" category
  • 2014 Awards

    World Media Summit Award - Beijing

  • Public Welfare Award - Exemplary News Team in Developing Countries: 101 East, Al Jazeera English
  • Asia Rainbow TV Awards

  • Everest 60th Anniversary - Outstanding Cinematography
  • Women's Empowerment Journalism Awards (Singapore)
  • Nepal's Slave Girls - Broadcast Story of the Year
  • A Widow's Penance - Finalist
  • it's A Man's World - Finalist
  • New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards

  • It's A Man's World - Special Gold UNDPI Award
  • Murder in God's Name - Gold Medal
  • Everest 60th Anniversary - Gold Medal
  • Nepal's Slave Girls - Silver Medal
  • Contagion - Silver Medal
  • 101 East - Best News Documentary/Special category - Silver Medal
  • 101 East - Current Affairs category - Bronze Medal
  • Restoring Rangoon -Finalist Certificate
  • Fight for Rapanui - Finalist Certificate
  • 101 East - Best Public Affairs Program - Finalist Certificate
  • 18th Human Rights Press Awards in Hong Kong

  • Scars of Sri Lanka - First Prize
  • Murder in God's Name - First Prize
  • Sectarian Divide - First Prize
  • Unhealed Wounds of Osh - First Prize
  • Nepal's Slave Girls - Merit
  • 2013 Awards

    New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards

  • Australia's Lost Generation - Bronze Medal
  • The People Smugglers - Finalist Certificate
  • Asia-Pacific Child Rights Awards

  • School For A Dollar - Finalist
  • Australia's Lost Generation - Finalist
  • Asian Television Awards

  • Everest 60th Anniversary - Best Current Affairs Program
  • It's A Man's World - Best Social Awareness Program - Finalist
  • 101 East: The Unholy Conspiracy/Fight For Rapanui - Best Documentary Series - Nominated
  • Steve Chao: Everest 60th Anniversary - Best Current Affairs Presenter - Nominated
  • 17th Human Rights Press Awards in Hong Kong

  • Nowhere to Go - First Prize
  • Battered and Bruised - First Prize
  • No Place Like Home - Merit Prize
  • Sichuan TV Festival - International Gold Panda Awards

  • School For A Dollar - Best Short Documentary - Nominated
  • Australian Cinematography Society Awards (National)

  • Battling The Yakuza - Mark Dobbin - Golden Tripod
  • Bangladesh: Too Young To Work - Lee Ali - Distinction
  • Australian Cinematographers Society Awards (State, South Australia & Western Australia)

  • It's A Man's World - Lee Ali - GOLD
  • The Pacifist War - Lee Ali - SILVER
  • School for a Dollar - Lee Ali - BRONZE
  • Australian Cinematographers Society Awards (State, Victoria & Tasmania)

  • Restoring Rangoon - Mark Dobbin - GOLD
  • Where the Wild Coffee Grows - Mark Dobbin - GOLD
  • An Unholy Conspiracy - Trent Butler ACS - SILVER
  • Sumo on the Steppes - Trent Butler ACS - BRONZE
  • Steve Chao Promo - Lee Ali - GOLD
  • 2012 Awards

    New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards

  • Nepal: Children For Sale - Silver medal
  • China: Animal Crusaders - Finalist
  • Asia-Pacific Child Rights Awards

  • Nepal: Children For Sale - Certificate of Recognition
  • Web Of Hate - Certificate of Recognition
  • The Republic Of Hunger - Certificate of Recognition
  • Asian Television Awards

  • Fauziah Ibrahim, 101 East - Best Current Affairs Presenter
  • 16th Human Rights Press Awards in Hong Kong

  • Nepal: Children For Sale - Special Merit Prize
  • China: Slipping Through The Cracks - Special Merit Prize
  • China Dragon Awards

  • China: Inventing Innovation - Bronze
  • Australian Cinematographers Society Awards (State, South Australia & Western Australia)

  • Bangladesh: Too Young To Work - Lee Ali - GOLD
  • Republic Of Hunger - Simon Nicholls - GOLD
  • Land Of The Rising Suicides - SILVER
  • Nepal: Children For Sale - Simon Nicholls - SILVER
  • Australian Cinematographers Society Awards (State, Queensland)

  • The People Smugglers - Joel Lawrence - BRONZE
  • Korean Pop Wave - Joel Lawrence - BRONZE
  • Australian Cinematographers Society Awards (State, Victoria & Tasmania)

  • Battling The Yakuza - Mark Dobbin - GOLD
  • 2011 Awards

    Sichuan TV Festival - International Gold Panda Awards

  • Bangladesh: Too Young To Work - Best Short Documentary
  • Asian Television Awards

  • Fauziah Ibrahim, 101 East - Best Current Affairs Presenter - Nominated
  • Bangladesh: Too Young To Work - Best Current Affairs Programme - Nominated
  • 2010 Awards

    Asian Television Awards

  • Turning A Blind Eye - Best Short Documentary - Nominated
  • Fauziah Ibrahim, 101 East - Best Current Affairs Presenter - Nominated
  • Countries/Regions Covered & Episodes

  • Afghanistan - (2016) Afghanistan: Medics Under Fire; Afghanistan's Slippery Slopes; (2015) Afghanistan: No Country for Women; Afghanistan's Billion Dollar Drug War; (2013) Assassination Capital; Crystal Dreams
  • Antarctica - (2015) Southern Exposure
  • Australia - (2016) Shark Alarm: Australia: In the Line of Fire; Behind Closed Doors: Domestic Violence in Australia; (2015) The Great Divide: Islamaphobia in Australia; Hidden Harm: Australia's Drinking Mums; Australia: Bringing Them Home; Waiting for Eviction; Slaving Away; Australia's Jihadis; (2014) Battling the Dry; Strangers in Paradise; When the Battle Comes Home; The Ice Age; Killer Crocs; (2013) Licence to Kill; Reef Race; The Unholy Conspiracy; Down And Under; Risky Business; (2012) Jaws: Danger or hype?; Body Beautiful; The Last Frontier; Australia's Lost Generation; Unquenchable Thirst; Web of Hate; Asylum; (2011) Pricing Pollution; Australia's Boomtown Curse; (2010) Australia: Selling the Farm; Australia Crops in Crisis; Seeking Asylum in Australia; Australian Attacks; (2009) After the Apology
  • Bangladesh - (2016) Too Young to Wed: Child Marriage in Bangladesh; (2015) An Attack on Bloggers; (2012) Missing in Action; (2011) Small fry, big catch; Too Young To Work; (2010) Bangladesh's Poisoned Gift; Bangladesh's Dowry Related Violence; (2009) Disappearing Islands
  • Bhutan - (2010) Bhutan's prime minister
  • Cambodia - (2016) Cambodia, My New Home; Cambodia: Unlicensed to Heal; Cambodia: (2015) Circus of Hope; Cambodia's New Blackmailers; Truth or Lies: Somaly Mam; (2014) Thailand's Blood Timber; Stolen Warriors; Dying for Fashion; (2013) It's a Man's World; (2012) The Heritage Curse; No Place Like Home; (2011) On the Borderline; Cambodia: Orphan Tourism; (2010) Cambodia: Fight for Justice
  • China - (2016) Rich Girls in the City; (2015) China Faking It; China: Tales of a City; White Gold; China's Super Mums; Denim Blues; China's Home Invasion; (2014) Thailand's Blood Timber; Myanmar's Jade Curse; Tibet Calling; Food for Thought; (2013) China Airpocalypse; Inside Chollywood; Wukan - After The Uprising E1-4; (2012) China: Whispers of Change; China: Broken Dreams; China's Race For Gold; China: Inventing Innovation; Ka-Ching Dynasty; China: Unnatural Selection; (2011) China's Animal Crusaders; True Believers; China: Slipping Through The Cracks; China: Dirty Secrets; (2010) China's Labour Pains; China's Cyber Warriors; (2009) Malaria Finding a Cure; Restless China
  • East Timor - (2015) East Timor's Medics; (2013) Where the Wild Coffee Grows; (2011) East Timor Independence
  • Easter Island - (2013) Fight for Rapanui
  • Hong Kong - (2016) Hong Kong: Aged and Abandoned; hong Kong's Missing Booksellers; (2014) Muzzling the Messenger; (2013) Diminishing Ray of Hope; (2011) Hong Kong: Mainland Invasion; Tough Love: An Education; Hong Kong: (2010) Bridging the Wealth Gap;
  • India - (2016) India's Miracle Babies; The Rise of India's superbugs; India's Love Detectives; On Thin Ice: India's National Ice Hockey Team; (2014) The Baby makers; Modi the Messiah?; The Lost Boys; (2013) India - 23 Little Lives; A Widow's Penance; Contagion; A Curse in the Family; (2012) Republic of Hunger; Vision Quest; Unintended Consequences: India's Rape Crisis; The Lost Tribe; India's Coal Rush; India Toxic Trade; (2011) India: Last of the Tigers; India: Killer Spray; Tale of a Modern City; India: Killer Spray; Tale of Modern City; India: Eat, Pray Give; India - The Gentleman's Game; India Microfinance - Banking on Debt; (2010) India: A matter of Waste; A Whiter Shade of Pale; Caste in Stone; (2009) India's Special Economic Zones; Shaping India's Future; The Dalai Lama
  • Indonesia - (2016) How Safe are Asia's Airlines?; The Orangutan Whisperer; Inside Indonesia's Drug War; (2015) Indonesia: Where There's Smoke; The Last Reef on Earth; (2014) Indonesia's Rock Governor; Cry of the Tiger; Tin Trouble; (2013) Return of the Lizard King; State of the Game; Educating Indonesia; Stemming theTide; (2012) Indonesia's Killing Fields; Bali: Paving Paradise; The People Smugglers; Indonesia's Justice System; (2011) Paper Tiger; Asia's Nuclear Addiction; Indonesia: Busting At The Seams; Catwalk Empire; Pacific Paradise Timebomb; The Right to Pray; East Timor Independence; (2010) Safeguarding Sumatra; The Price of Palm Oil; Indonesia's Water Woes; Indonesia: Fighting Extremism; Turning a Blind Eye; Protecting Indonesia's Children; Cash for Carbon; (2009) Mercury Poisoning; Obsolete ASEAN; Indonesia Corruption
  • Japan - (2016) Finding Love in Japan;(2015) Japan's Womenomics; When I Die: Japan's Death Industry; (2014) Japan's Stalking Crisis; Japan's Throwaway Children; Humanoids; Japan - The Next Wave; (2013) Sumo on the Steppes; The Pacifist War; (2012) Aging Japan; Battling the Yakuza; Fukushima Fallout; (2010) Land of Rising Suicide; Japan's Whale Hunt; Okinawa: The Future of US Military Bases; Japan's Ainu
  • Kazakhstan - (2015) Kazakhstan's Hard Sell
  • Kyrgyzstan - (2013) Unhealed Wounds of Osh
  • Laos - (2015) Laos: Saviors of the Street; (2014) Laos - The Legacy; (2012) The Heritage Curse
  • Libya - (2012) Long Way From Home
  • Madagascar - (2013) Return of the Lizard King
  • Malaysia - (2016) Out of Sight: Malaysia's Orang Asli; (2015) Murder in Malaysia; Malaysia: Crackdown on Freedom; Sabah's Invisible Children; Malaysia's Woman Warrior; MH370: The Unending Search; (2014) Malaysia's Unwanted; Malaysia's Gang Menace; (2013) Return of the Lizard King, Malaysia Election; (2012) Worked to Death, Anwar Ibrahim: After the Trial; (2011) Asia's Speed Trap, Toxic Profits; (2010) Maid in Malaysia; Malaysia: Killer Bite; Interview: Najib Razak; Malaysia: Whose God?; (2009) Fight the Power; Malaysia HIV Testing
  • Myanmar - (2016) Myanmar's Poppylands; (2015) Myanmar: Free and Fair?; (2014) Myanmar's Jade Curse, The Other China Boom; (2013) Burma's Last Timber Elephants; Freedom From Hate; Testoring Rangoon; Myanmar Fragile Peace; (2012) Nowhere To Go; Myanmar's Turn; (2011) The Lady on the Lake; The World's Longest Ongoing War; (2009) Myanmar: After the Storm
  • Nepal - (2016) Nepal: After the Earthquake; (2015) Nepal's Unsung Hero; (2014) The Gift of Sight; Bhutan's Forgotten People; (2013) Nepal's Slave Girls; Everest 60th Anniversary; (2012) School for a Dollar; (2011) Nepal: Children For Sale; The Shadows of Everest; Nepal - A New PM; (2010) Nepal: A New Beginning
  • New Zealand - (2013) Locked Up Warriors; (2012) Adrenalin Nation; (2011) An Ocean Divide
  • Niue - (2015) The Buzz Around Niue
  • North Korea - (2011) North Korea's Cinema of Dreams
  • Pakistan - (2016) Good Morning Pakistan: Journalists Under Threat; (2015) Pakistan: Music Under Siege; (2014) Drugged Up Pakistan; (2013) The Enemy Within; Sectarian Divide; Murder in God's Name; (2012) Pakistan: The Winds of Change; (2011) Pakistan Under Water
  • Palau - (2015) Tuna - End of the Line
  • Papua New Guinea - (2015) PNG's Bundles of Joy; Papua new Guinea's Snake Man; (2014) Strangers in paradise; A War on Witches; (2012) Battered and Bruised
  • Philippines - (2016) Rodrigo Duterte: Guns, goons and the presidency; The Bounty Hunters (2015) Saving Mary Jane; becoming Pacquiao; (2014) Philippines: After Haiyan; Stalking Cyber Paedophiles; Stray Bullets; (2013) The Killer Storm; Phoning from the Philippines; (2012) Standoff at Scarborough Shoal; Mining the Last Frontier; (2011) Storm in Subic Bay; Til Death Do Us Part; Filipino Drug Mules; The Philippines' Population Debate; (2010) Philippine's Elections; The Philippines' Private Armies
  • Singapore - (2014) We Built This City; (2013) Singapore, The World's Richest City; (2011) Singapore Elections; (2010) Singapore's Big Bet; Calling Singapore Home; (2009) Singapore's Economy
  • Solomon Islands - (2014) The Dolphin Hunters
  • South Korea - (2016) South Korea's Hangover; (2015) South korea: Kimchi Crazy; (2014) Solo Mums; The Cost of Beauty; (2012) Korea: Wired; In the Kingdom of Reverend Moon; South Korea's Pop Wave; (2011) Asian brides For Sale; Learning Liberty; (2010) South Korea: Caught in the Web
  • Sri Lanka - (2015) Sri lanka: Widows of War; (2013) Scars of Sri Lanka; Diminishing Ray of Hope; (2011) The Road to Reconciliation; (2010) A New Sri Lanka
  • Taiwan - (2015) Taiwan's Secret Cancer; (2014) Ditching the Draft; (2013) Standing on Shaky Ground; (2011) Taiwan: Sex in the City; (2010) Taiwan's Nuclear Debate
  • Tajikistan - (2013) Tajikistan's Missing Men
  • Thailand - (2016) No Safe Haven: Chinese Dissidents Living in Fear;(2015) Saving Thailand's Animals; Fake Pills: A Fatal Fraud; (2014) Thailand's Tainted Robes; Thailand's Blood Timber; Stolen Warriors; Thailand in Turmoil; The Vanishing Sea Tribe; (2013) Return of the Lizard King; Into the South; (2012) For Crown or Country; Myanmar's Turn; (2011) The World's Longest Ongoing War; On The Borderline; Asia's Speed Trap; Thailand's Battle for Peace; Reeling Them In; Thailand's Unborn; (2010) Thailand: The Price of Health; Battle in Bangkok; Toxic Thailand; Thai Red Shirts; (2009) Asia's Arms Race; Thai Terror
  • Tonga - (2011) An Ocean Divide
  • United States - (2014) Stolen Warriors; East Meets Tech; Bhutan's Forgotten People
  • Vietnam - (2015) Vietnam's War Babies; (2012) The Last Frontier; Vietnam: Wandering Souls; The Heritage Curse
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