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Year 1008 (MVIII) was a leap year starting on Thursday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.



  • The Egyptian Fatimid Empire, under Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah, sends the sea captain Domiyat on a tributary mission, to Emperor Zhenzong of the Song dynasty, in order to reestablish trade relations between Egypt and China.
  • Battle of Peshawar: The Turkic Ghaznavid armies defeat a Hindu confederacy.
  • Europe

  • The oldest known mention is made of the city of Gundelfingen.
  • Olav Haraldsson, the future king of Norway, lands on Saaremaa Island in Estonia, wins a battle there, and forces the inhabitants to pay tribute.
  • Georgia is unified under King Bagrat III.
  • Mohammed II succeeds Hisham II as Caliph of Cordoba.
  • Religion

  • Olof, king of Sweden, is baptized by Saint Sigfrid.
  • Bruno of Querfurt and others try to establish a mission among the Prussians.
  • Births

  • May 4 – King Henry I of France (d. 1060)
  • October 12 – Emperor Go-Ichijō of Japan (d. 1036)
  • Gothelo II of Lower Lorraine
  • Takasue's Daughter, Japanese writer
  • Wulfstan, Bishop of Worcester (d. 1095)
  • Deaths

  • Emperor Kazan of Japan (b. 968)
  • Gunnlaugur Ormstunga, Icelandic poet (b. c. 983)
  • Rotbold II, Count of Provence
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