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1001 Knights

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Written by
Yukiru Sugisaki


Original run
June 2012 – present

Published by
Kadokawa Shoten

Monthly Asuka

Action, adventure, Reverse harem, supernatural

1001 Knights (1001 ナイツ, 1001 Naitsu) is a manga written and illustrated by Yukiru Sugisaki. The ongoing manga premiered in June 2012 in Monthly Asuka. The first volume was published by Kadokawa Shoten on 24 October 2012. The first chapter was released in English on Comic Walker on 6 April 2014. The manga centers around two twin brothers, Naito and Yuta, and their adventure to the world of One Thousand and One Nights.


1001 knights classic


1001 Knights follows the story of two identical twin brothers – Naito Fuuga and Yuta Fuuga. They have little in common. Naito is gentle and kind and Yuta is athletic and aggressive; nevertheless, they have a very close relationship. When their father Shinra goes missing, the two are called to Dubai. That night, a mysterious man attacks the brothers and they end up separated in a parallel world called Ghost Star. They must then embark on a journey to find each other and face their destinies and the truth behind their past selves.


  • The Ghost Star (亡霊の星, Bourei no Hoshi)
  • A parallel universe in the story where genies and magical beings come from. The two biggest kingdoms are Fedina and Jakha, constantly at war for power to conquer the world.
  • Agent (エージェント, Ējento)
  • Agents are the ones capable of travelling to the Ghost Star. Every Agent has something called "a carved seal" on their bodies. Their headquarter is in Dubai.
  • Carved seal (刻印, Kokuin)
  • The mysterious trademark of all Agents. A carved seal appears on a random part of the body since birth, for example, Yuta's carved seal is on his right chest and Naito's on his left. It is said that those with carved seals are dangerous beings, bringing unfathomable deaths anywhere they go.
  • Iftam (イフタム, Ifutamu)
  • The Gate connected planet Earth and The Ghost Star. Only Agents can activate it with their carved seals. The word "Iftam" means "to open" in Arabic.
  • Genie Tamer (ジニー使い, Jiniitsukai)
  • A human who makes a contract with a Genie. According to Asrut, Genie Tamers are mostly men, with the exception of Princess Alnilam.
  • Evil Eye (邪視, Jashi)
  • The most powerful negative force in the Ghost Star, formerly belongs to the Devil. The one who possesses an Evil Eye will receive destructive power that could surpass all others and become the King of the Ghost Star. Prince Saif, hence Yuta Fuuga, is the chosen one by the Devil to inherit the Evil Eye.
  • Lifetime (物語, Monogatari; literally means story/legend)
  • In the Ghost Star, the lifetime of a particular person is referred to as a monogatari. It is a sympolism of every memory and happening that they have in their lives, whether short or long, happy or sad. If a person's monogatari is lost, he will die. In other words, a monogatari is also a person's life-force. The ability to give and take away a monogatari is called The Lifeline (hence Yuta Fuuga's right hand).

    Main characters

  • Naito Fuuga (風雅七糸, Fuuga Naito)
  • Naito is the older brother of the twins. He is a kind-hearted and polite boy who has been taking care of his father's detective office ever since he disappeared years ago. Naito specialises in finding things. Due to his feminine face and short height, he is always mistaken for a girl, which is something that bothers him greatly. Later, it is revealed that Naito is the reincarnation of Alnilam, the forbidden princess of Fedina Kingdom. His carved seal is on the left side of his chest. Naito's ability is healing.

    After being separated from Yuta, he is dead set on finding him again. Together with his genie Rubaiyat, Uldan - the commanding officer of Fedina's royal army and his genie Enda, Naito starts out on a journey, hoping to reunite with his brother again while at the same time unwrap the mystery of The Ghost Star.

  • Yuta Fuuga (風雅勇高, Fuuga Yuta)
  • Yuta is the younger brother of Naito. Contrary to his brother, Yuta is a short-tempered and aggressive young teenager who often ends up in fights. Much taller and stronger than Naito, he specialises in handling jobs which involve physical strength. Yuta has a strong brother-complex toward Naito and it is implied in the manga that he may harbor romantic feelings for his own brother. Later, it is revealed that Yuta is the reincarnation of Saif, the crown prince born into destruction of Jakha Kingdom. His carved seal is on the right side of his chest. Yuta's ability lies in his right hand, which possesses the power to take away human's life sources. Only Naito can touch it without being harmed.

    Through Alph Lyla, he learns about his true identity as Prince Saif and is now brutally slaughtering a large number of people every night to collect enough monogatari for his mother's revival. Rumours about him spread as people refer him to as "Jakha's Red-Haired Prince" (赤髪の王子, Akagami no Ōji).

  • Shinra Fuuga (風雅森羅, Fuuga Shinra)
  • The twin's father and General Manager at The Agent Headquarter in Dubai. He left home when his sons were only in elementary school for unknown reason. He left behind an old glove for Yuta, something which can control his Lifeline power and a mysterious diary for Naito, saying that they are going to come in handy in the future.

  • Arthur Eshenko (アーサー・エイシェンコ, Āsā Eishenko)
  • Arthur is a friend of the twin's dad. He is a fashionably rich womanizer who convinces the twins to go to Dubai to find their father. He is very fond of Naito, commenting that he is cute. He and Yuta do not get along very well. He is one of the few people who knows about the twin's true identities. Before going missing, Shinra begs Arthur to save the twins, which he sadly replies that it is impossible to save both of them.

    Kingdom of Isaref (イサレフ王国, Isarefu Ōkoku)

    Isaref is a small kingdom located near the Angus Desert where Naito was brought to by the First Prince, Asrut, when he found him exhausted in the middle of the desert trying to find his younger twin brother Yuta.
  • Prince Asrut (アソルト, Asoruto)
  • Asrut is the first prince of Isaref. He found Naito in the middle of the desert when he fell into the parallel world. He is the crown prince of Isaref but since he was nearly killed in the past for his inheritance, he and his brother switched places with each other. He is now acting as Zamul's guardian. It is hinted that he is in love with Naito.

  • Prince Zamul (ザムル, Zamuru)
  • Zamul is the second prince and younger brother of Asrut. To protect his brother, he is forced to become his substitute. He thinks that Naito is a woman.

  • Shakt (シャクト, Shakuto)
  • A female slave who is saved by Asrut. Since then, she has been very loyal to him.

  • Zuban (ズバン)
  • Zuban is Shakt's younger brother and Zamul's servant. He fell in love with Naito the moment he first laid eyes on him. Not knowing that Naito is a boy, he calls him "Princess". Although he and Zamul do not get along well, Zuban still cares about his master's well being.

    Kingdom of Jakha (ジャッハ魔族, Jahha Mazoku)

    Jakha is one of the two biggest kingdoms in the parallel world where Yuta's past incarnation, Prince Saif, was born. The kingdom is said to be filled with a demonic aura. It is said that Jakha and Fedina are in a constant state of war.
  • Prince Saif (サイフ, Saifu)
  • The incarnation of Yuta Fuuga. He is the ominous prince who is prophesied to be the King of the Ghost Star. It is implied that Saif fell in love with Alnilam, the princess of his enemy kingdom, and defied his status as the prince of destruction. After being killed for an unknown reason, Saif is reborn as Yuta Fuuga, still possessing his overwhelming power and the memories of his beloved princess, which causes Yuta to feel attracted to Naito.

  • Queen Radiya (ラディーヤ, Radiya)
  • Former Queen of Jakha and Prince Saif's mother. She is currently in a deep coma after offering too much monogatari to the Devil so that her son can be given a clean slate and be reborn as Yuta Fuuga - a normal human being on Earth.

    Kingdom of Fedina (フェディナ王国, Fedina Ōkoku)

    Fedina is one of the two biggest kingdoms in the parallel world, where Naito's past incarnation, Princess Alnilam, was born. It is said that Jakha and Fedina are in a constant state of war.
  • Princess Alnilam (アルニラム, Aruniramu)
  • The incarnation of Naito Fuuga. She is the forbidden princess of Fedina. Alnilam was once Rubaiyat's master, vowing to believe in him no matter what may happen to her. After being reincarnated as Naito, she lost all of her past memories.

  • Uldan (ウルダン, Urudan)
  • One of the brothers of the previous Queen and thus, Naito's uncle. He is currently the commanding officer of Fedina's royal army. After finding out that Naito is the reincarnation of Alnilam, his sister's daughter, he decides to accompany him on his journey to find his twin brother.

  • Queen Sabias (サビアス, Sabiasu)
  • The current Queen of Fedina and Alnilam's mother. She and Queen Radiya of the Kingdom of Jakha are best friends. She was Rubaiyat's former master.


  • Rubaiyat (ルバイヤート, Rubaiyāto)
  • Rubaiyat is a major character in the story. A 300-year-old genie (魔神, majin) who was deeply in love with Princess Alnilam long ago. He once made the pledge that he would live only for her sake. He now acts as Naito's protector, accompanying him on his travels while at the same time trying to make Naito remember his past life. According to Enda, Rubaiyat is the strongest of all genies. He may appear a little childish, but in truth he is a very ruthless genie, one who shows absolutely no mercy in killing. Rubaiyat states that apart from Naito, he does not care about anybody else.

  • Alph Lyla (アルフ・ライラ, Arufu Raira)
  • A mysterious boy who attacked the twins on their first night in Dubai. He calls Yuta by the name Saif and imprisoned him. He and Rubaiyat are sworn enemies.

  • Enda (エンダ)
  • Enda is Uldan's lazy genie. When not in action, he takes the form of a sword. He is an alcoholic genie who always sneaks out drinking without his master's permission. Nevertheless, Enda is very loyal to Uldan.


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