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1001 Gaussia

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Discovered by  S. Belyavskij
MPC designation  1001 Gaussia
Observation arc  108.25 yr (39540 days)
Discovered  8 August 1923
Discoverer  Sergey Belyavsky
Discovery site  Simeiz Observatory
Discovery date  8 August 1923
Minor planet category  main-belt (outer)
Orbital period  2,093 days
Orbits  Sun
Named after  Carl Friedrich Gauss
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Alternative names  1923 OA · A907 XC A911 MD
Similar  1002 Olbersia, 1056 Azalea, 107 Camilla, 1102 Pepita, Asteroid belt

1001 Gaussia is a main-belt asteroid about 75 kilometers in diameter. Initially it received the designation 1923 OA. Later it was named after the mathematician Carl F. Gauss. It has a mean visual magnitude of 9.77. Observation of the change in magnitude of this minor planet suggests it has a rotation period of 9.127 ± 0.002 h. Over this period it undergoes variation in magnitude of 0.16.


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