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Developer(s)  1000Minds Ltd
Operating system  Internet browser
Initial release  2002 (2002)
Available in  English
Type  Decision-making software, Business intelligence, Conjoint analysis, Choice modelling
License  Proprietary; usually free for academic researchers and students

1000Minds is online decision-making software for ranking, prioritizing or choosing between alternatives in situations where a variety of objectives or criteria need to be considered simultaneously (i.e., multi-criteria decision making). Depending on the application, budgets or other scarce resources can be allocated across competing alternatives.


1000Minds is also used for group decision-making and for discovering stakeholders’ preferences with respect to the relative importance (or ‘weight’) of the features or attributes characterizing alternatives of interest (i.e., conjoint analysis or choice modelling).

Invented by Franz Ombler and Paul Hansen at the University of Otago in 2002, 1000Minds implements the Potentially all pairwise rankings of all possible alternatives (PAPRIKA) method and is supplied by 1000Minds Ltd.


Examples of areas in which 1000Minds is used:

  • Prioritising patients for elective (non-urgent) surgery, rheumatology and nephrology, geriatrics and gastroenterology
  • Identifying criteria for diagnosing and classifying rheumatoid arthritis systemic sclerosis and gout
  • Measuring patient responses in clinical trials for chronic gout
  • Testing physical function for patients following hip or knee replacement and educating people with osteoarthritis
  • Health technology prioritisation
  • Animal breeding
  • Plant breeding
  • Energy-efficiency decision-making
  • Environmental resources management for the ocean
  • Restoration of endangered plant species
  • Ecology research ethics
  • Monetary policy research
  • Retirement income policies research
  • Urban planning
  • Evaluating decision-making software
  • Research into charitable-giving
  • Marketing research for fruit juice
  • Corporate strategic management
  • Competing products

  • - online discrete-choice-based conjoint analysis
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