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100.000 of niets

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Country of origin  Belgium
First episode date  11 December 1956
Language  Dutch
Original language(s)  Dutch
Final episode date  1959
Genres  Quiz, Game show
Original network  N.I.R. (nowadays the VRT)
Original release  December 11, 1956 – 1959

100.000 of niets (100,000 or nothing) was a Flemish TV quiz, broadcast on the Flemish public service TV station N.I.R. (nowadays the VRT, between 1956 and 1959 on Sunday evenings. It was one of the most popular TV shows from the Flemish pioneer years.



"100.000 of niets" was originally part of another quiz, "Knal, wie vangt de bal?" ("Bang, who catches the ball?"). It aired on December 11, 1956 and by January 12, 1958 it became an independent weekly show. The show was hosted by Tony Corsari, Bob Van Bael and Pros Verbruggen and the jury was hosted by Mr. Van Hove, professor Lucien De Smet and Dr. A.J. Aernouts. In 1959 the show was cancelled. In 1968 it returned to the screen, presented by Pros Verbruggen, Jan Theys and Rudy Samson. Regine Clauwaert was the female guest host.

Each show had three candidates and four thematical rounds. One candidate remained in the finale and had to answer one very detailed question correctly. The prize was 100.000 Belgian francs, though most of the time the winner just received a kitchen device.


While the show was popular quite some candidates criticized the correct answers needed. On March 9, 1958, one candidate named Van Cuyck lost after giving only one wrong answer in a series of seven correct ones. According to present-day norms many questions were phrased in an ambiguous manner and since every round the acceptance of dubious answers tended to differ at times. One time a candidate complained that his answer was indeed correct, despite being told it wasn't. Host Tony Corsari personally made sure that the man received his award after all.

Female host Liliane Taelemans received a lot of criticism because she was dressed "too revealing". She was eventually fired and in 1958 she went on to become the Belgian candidate for the Miss Universe election.

  • In The Adventures of Nero album "De Witte Parel" ("The White Pearl") (1962) Nero is a contestant on "100.000 of Niets". The host is a caricature of Tony Corsari.
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