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100 mm anti tank gun M1977

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Anti-tank gun

In service

3,150 kg (6,940 lb)

Place of origin

Arsenal Reşiţa

9.250 m

100 mm anti-tank gun M1977

The A407 100mm anti-tank gun M1977 is a Romanian rifled 100-mm anti-tank gun which serves as the main towed anti-tank gun of the Romanian Land Forces from 1975 until present. Versions of the M1977 gun were installed on main battle tanks (TR-77 and TR-85) and ship turrets.



The A407 100mm anti-tank gun was the first artillery piece designed in Romania after World War II. The first variant of the gun, the M1975 (M stands for Model) had a semi-automatic horizontal sliding wedge type breech lock. The second variant, M1977, had a more practical vertical sliding wedge breech block.

The M1977 can be also used as a field gun at brigade level, as it has a maximum range of 20.6 kilometers. After 1992, the M1977 anti-tank guns were modernized with improved optical sights. The gun can be towed with the DAC 665T truck and has a maximum road speed of 60 km/h on road and 30 km/h off-road.


  • M1975 - used the horizontal sliding wedge breech lock.
  • M1977 - used the vertical sliding wedge breech lock.
  • M2002 - modernized version of M1977 with a FCS TAT-100.
  • Adaptations:

  • A 308 - tank gun used for TR-77 and TR-85 main battle tanks.
  • A 430 - 100 mm gun used for ship turrets.
  • Operators

  •  Romania - 208 M1977 towed anti-tank guns in 2010.
  •  Israel - one was delivered in 1993.
  •  Democratic People's Republic of Korea
  • At least one A407 anti-tank gun was captured in Iraq during the Gulf War by the US Army. The exact number of A407 artillery pieces exported by Communist Romania is unknown. The gun is now the property of the Ohio Army National Guard, the transportation unit (1486th Transportation Company) that captured it.


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