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10 Ursae Majoris

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Apparent magnitude (V)

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10 Ursae Majoris (10 UMa) is a star in the constellation Lynx. Its apparent magnitude is 3.96.

It is the third-brightest star in Lynx. Originally in the neighbouring constellation Ursa Major, it became part of Lynx with the official laying down of the constellation borders. Appearing to be of magnitude 3.97, it can be split by a telescope to reveal a yellow-white main sequence star of spectral type F4 V of magnitude 4.11 and a star very similar to the Sun of spectral class G5V and magnitude 6.18. The two are 10.6 astronomical units apart and orbit each other every 21.78 years.

The total system mass of 2.54 solar masses, with the primary being 1.44 solar masses, and secondary 1.1 solar masses.


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