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10,000 Lakes Festival

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Years active  2003-?
10,000 Lakes Festival

Genre  Bluegrass music, jam band music
Location(s)  Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

The 10,000 Lakes Festival (abbreviated as 10KLF) was an annual four-day music festival in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, at the Soo Pass Ranch that was held since 2003. 10KLF is currently on hiatus due to financial losses and was not held in 2010. Its name refers to Minnesota's nickname, "The Land of 10,000 Lakes". The lineups generally include jam and bluegrass bands.


The festival was held on over 600 acres (243 ha) and had four stages: Main, Field, Barn, and Saloon. (The stages are listed by size, beginning with the largest.) Campgrounds were able to be reserved and running water provided permanent restrooms and showers.

10,000 Lakes Festival by year

  • 10,000 Lakes Festival - 2009!
  • 2008 10,000 Lakes Festival
  • 2007 10,000 Lakes Festival
  • 2006 10,000 Lakes Festival
  • 2005 10,000 Lakes Festival
  • 2004 10,000 Lakes Festival
  • 2003 10,000 Lakes Festival
  • Stages

  • Main Stage - Headliners perform here. This stage accommodates the most room for listeners.
  • Field Stage - As its name suggests, the Field Stage is located in front of a field, allowing room for acts that attract large crowds.
  • Barn Stage - This stage is located at the base of a hill and features a translucent canopy for shade.
  • Saloon Stage - Acts that attract the smallest crowds are booked in a saloon, which stays open later than all other stages.
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