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1. Niederösterreichische Landesliga

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Country  Austria
Number of teams  16
First season  1949
Level on pyramid  4
Confederation  Austrian Football Association
Promotion to  Austrian Regional League Central

The 1. Niederösterreichische Landesliga, is the football division of the state of Lower Austria. It’s the fourth highest league in Austrian Football for clubs of the Lower Austrian Football Association.

Prior to the introduction of a league for all of Austria in 1949, the Niederösterreichische Landesliga was the highest division for Lower Austrian football clubs. The winners during this period called themselves Meister von Niederösterreich (Lower Austrian Champions).


In the 1. Niederösterreichische Landesliga, a total of 16 football clubs from Lower Austria participate.

The champion rises directly into the third-highest division, the Regional League East. In addition to the champion of the 1. Niederösterreichische Landesliga, the champions of the Burgenland national league and Wiener Stadtliga, also move up. Under the 1. Niederösterreichische Landesliga are the 2. Landesliga Ost and 2. Landesliga West.


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