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1 vs. 100 (UK game show)

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Country of origin
United Kingdom

No. of series

Production company(s)

Final episode date
23 May 2009

Game show

Original language(s)

No. of episodes

First episode date
30 September 2006

Number of episodes


1 vs. 100 (UK game show) wwwukgameshowscompimagesdd21vs100selectionjpg

Running time
45 minutes (series 1) 50 minutes (series 2-4) 60 minutes (series 5-7) 70 minutes (series 8-10) 80 minutes (series 11–)

Presented by
Dermot O'Leary (series 1-3), Ben Shephard (series 3-4), Jeremy Clarkson (series 5–)

Game show, The National Lottery: In, The Krypton Factor, Tipping Point, The X Factor (UK)

1 vs 100 uk s4 e01

1 vs. 100 was a BBC National Lottery game show broadcast on BBC One from 30 September 2006 to present. It was originally hosted by Dermot O'Leary then hosted by Ben Shephard and then hosted again by Jeremy Clarkson.


1 vs 100 very first millionaire win


One player is selected to play the game as The One from 101 people, collectively known as The Mob. To win the game outright, the One must eliminate all 100 remaining members of the Mob by answering questions correctly.

After having the opportunity to select a category, a multiple-choice question with three options is revealed. The Mob is given 6 seconds to lock in their answer before The One is given the opportunity to answer the question. If the One is correct, all Mob members that answered the question incorrectly are eliminated from further play, bringing the lone contestant closer to winning the game. The amount of money in the contestant's bank also increases by £1,000 multiplied by the number of mob members eliminated in that question. If the contestant eliminates all 100 mob members, he or she claims all the money in the bank (the maximum amount of money a contestant can win is £200,000 if all 100 people are eliminated on a question and the doubler is used). However, if the One incorrectly answers a question, the game ends and he or she leaves with nothing. Unlike other editions like the American version with the same name, if the One lost the game, the remaining players in The Mob won't share the money accumulated by the One. Also, the One cannot walk away with the cash he or she has accumulated in the game until he or she defeat the Mob.

The One has three dodges, where he or she is exempt from having to answer the question, but must forfeit half of the bank. In addition, after the first question, the One can also use one doubler to earn £2,000 multiplied by the number of mob members eliminated if the One answers the question correctly. During The Show Jenni Falconer regularly hosted National Lottery Draws but guest hosts like Connie Fisher And Gethin Jones hosted the programme.


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Series 4

This Was The Final Series Of 1vs100


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