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1 Octanol

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Density  824 kg/m³
Solubility in water  0.46 kg/m³
Formula  C8H18O
1-Octanol 37Dimethyl1octanol SigmaAldrich

1-Octanol also known as Octan-1-ol is the organic compound with the molecular formula CH3(CH2)7OH. It is a fatty alcohol. Many other isomers are also known generically as octanols. 1-Octanol is manufactured for the synthesis of esters for use in perfumes and flavorings. It has a pungent odor. Esters of octanol, such as octyl acetate, occur as components of essential oils. It is used to evaluate the lipophilicity of pharmaceutical products.


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1-Octanol 1Octanol C8H18O ChemSpider

Octanol is produced industrially by the oligomerization of ethylene using triethylaluminium followed by oxidation of the alkylaluminium products. This route is known as the Ziegler alcohol synthesis. An idealized synthesis is shown:

Al(C2H5)3 + 9 C2H4 → Al(C8H17)3 Al(C8H17)3 + 3 O + 3 H2O → 3 HOC8H17 + Al(OH)3

The process generates a range of alcohols, which are separated by distillation.

Water/octanol partitioning

1-Octanol 1octanol C8H18O PubChem

Octanol and water are immiscible. The distribution of a compound between water and octanol is used to calculate the partition coefficient 'P' of that molecule (often expressed as its logarithm to the base 10, log P). Water/ octanol partitioning is a relatively good approximation of the partitioning between the cytosol and lipid membranes of living systems.

1-Octanol File1Octanolsvg Wikimedia Commons

Many dermal absorption models consider the stratum corneum/ water partition coefficient to be well approximated by a function of the water/ octanol partition coefficient of the form:

1-Octanol 7Methyl1octanol C9H20O ChemSpider
log ( K s c / w ) = a + b log ( K w / o )
1-Octanol BioPath 1Octanol

Where a and b are constants, K s c / w is the stratum corneum/ water partition coefficient, and K w / o is the water/ octanol partition coefficient. The values of a and b vary between papers, but Cleek & Bunge have reported the values a=0, b=0.74.


1-Octanol is mainly consumed as a precursor to perfumes. It has been examined for controlling essential tremor and other types of involuntary neurological tremors.


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