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1 Dodecene

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Density  758.4 kg/m³
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Appearance  colorless liquid with a mild, pleasant odor.

1-Dodecene is an alkene with the formula C10H21CH=CH2, consisting of a chain of twelve carbon atoms terminating with a double bond. While there are many isomers of dodecene depending on which carbon the double bond is placed, this isomer is of greater commercial importance. It is classified as an alpha-olefin. Alpha-olefins are distinguished by having a double bond at the primary or alpha (α) position. This location of a double bond enhances the reactivity of the compound and makes it useful for a number of applications, especially for the production of detergents.

Production and reactions

The common route of production use a modified Ziegler ethylene chain growth technology. There are two main parts to this technology; the ethylene chain growth and displacement. Ethylene chain growth occurs catalytically via stepwise addition to each of the three alkyl groups from the catalyst. The displacement occurs after the ethylene chain growth to produce alpha-olefins, which have the double bond on the first carbon.


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