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Introduced  1989
Registry  TWNIC
Status  Active
Sponsor  TWNIC

TLD type  Country code top-level domain
Intended use  Entities connected with Taiwan

.tw is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Taiwan. The domain name is based on the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code TW. The registry is maintained by TWNIC, a Taiwanese non-profit organization appointed by National Communication Commission (NCC) and ministry of transportation and communications ROC. Since March 1, 2001, TWNIC has stopped allow itself to sign up new domain names directly, instead allowing new registration through its contracted reseller registrars.

The current reseller registrars are as follows: Chunghwa Telecom, Chunghwa Int'l Communication Network Co., Ltd., FarEasTone, Taiwan Mobile, Asia Pacific Telecom, PC Home, Net-Chinese, TISNet, IP Mirror, Webnic, Neulevel.

ICANN assigned two internationalized domain names (IDN) for Taiwan on June 25, 2010:

  • 台灣 - taiwan in traditional Chinese characters (DNS name: xn--kpry57d)
  • 台湾 - taiwan in simplified Chinese characters (DNS name: xn--kprw13d)
  • No registrations under these domain have been conducted as of August 2010.

    Registrations under tw are possible in second-level space or under various domains as third-level domains:

  • for educational and academic institutions
  • for agencies of the Government of the Republic of China, operated by Taiwan
  • for the Republic of China Armed Forces, operated by Taiwan
  • for companies or firms (Taiwanese or foreign) registered under the laws of their country
  • for network or telecommunications license holders
  • for non-profit organizations (Taiwanese or foreign) established according to the laws of their country
  • for individuals (must verify their identity by e-mail)
  • unrestricted (but registrant must verify their identity by email)
  • unrestricted (but registrant must verify their identity by email)
  • unrestricted (but registrant must verify their identity by email)
  • tw: unrestricted
  • Domain names in Chinese characters may also be registered at the second level. Furthermore, any registrant of a standard domain name who has chosen a domestic registrar may automatically get two more domain names in Chinese characters in the following second-level domains: 網路.tw, 組織.tw and 商業.tw. These second-level domains correspond to, and, respectively.


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