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Introduced  1996
Sponsor  Saipan DataCom, Inc.
Registry  Saipan DataCom, Inc.
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TLD type  Country code top-level domain
Status  Active as of January 2009
Intended use  Entities connected with  Northern Mariana Islands

.mp is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Northern Mariana Islands. There are a few sites related to the Northern Mariana Islands in this domain (such as governmental sites under and a few sites in and The site allows users to register and manage .mp domains. The .mp name comes from ISO 3166 which specifies MP as the two letter designation for the Northern Mariana Islands.


Official registry site

Domain name registry services for .mp domains are operated by Saipan DataCom, a local ISP. Domains with four or more characters may be purchased for $20. Premium domains under four characters range in price, with two-character domains running $5,000 for a three-year registration. There are some sites related to the Northern Mariana Islands under third-level domains and

Whois services

The MP Domain does not have public whois services available. Saipan DataCom will provide whois data in cases of potential trademark infringement. Although ICANN documents specify as of April 2016 this host does not resolve.

Saipan DataCom formerly operated, a content hub and identity management platform providing .mp domains and websites. Old free .mp registrations provided earlier by were terminated without a notice and the web site has been defunct since at least May 2013. As of October 2015 is offering for sale for $20,000.00.


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