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Introduced  1994
Sponsor  None
Status  Active
TLD type  Country code top-level domain
Registry  Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences
Intended use  Entities connected with  Iran

.ir is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Iran. It is managed by the Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences.


Second-level domains

  • .ir – public
  • .ac.ir – academic (tertiary education and research establishments) and learned societies.
  • .co.ir – commercial/companies
  • .gov.ir – government (Islamic Republic of Iran)
  • .id.ir – personal, everyone has a National Number from Islamic Republic of Iran
  • .net.ir – ISPs and network companies approved by IRTCT
  • .org.ir – non-profit organisations
  • .sch.ir – schools, primary and secondary education
  • Persian domains

    Persian internationalized domain names are available for registration under .ایران.ir for public, in Perso-Arabic script.

    In 2010, ICANN approved IRNIC's proposal for the ایران. IDN ccTLD (representing the Perso-Arabic spelling of Iran), pending the final step of String Delegation.

    Domain hacks

    The URL "ryana.ir" is a redirect to the budget airline website ryanair.com. It is used as a typing shortcut. Some internet users may mistakenly believe that .ir is the ccTLD for the Republic of Ireland, the home country of Ryanair (which is actually .ie).


  • .dnssec.ir - limited term testbed for DNSSEC support
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