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Introduced  2016
Registry  FO Council
Status  Active
Sponsor  FO Council
TLD type  Country code top-level domain
Intended use  Entities connected with  Faroe Islands

.fo is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the Faroe Islands.



The .fo domain was operated by UNI-C, the Danish University Network organisation until June 1997. It then passed under the control of Tele2 DK, who had bought the activities of UNI-C as part of a privatisation.

In July 1998, the operation was handed to as a gesture of good will - and recognition that .fo was indeed Faeroese

Registration rules

Type A registrations must respond to a trademark of the registrant.

Type B registrations are possible if you do not hold a matching trademark. Any entity which owns the corresponding trademark can file an opposition within 20 days after the domain registration and be awarded the concerned domain name itself.


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