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.NET Foundation

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President, Board of Directors
Jay Schmelzer


31 March 2014

Legal status
501(c)(6) organization

Executive Director
Martin Woodward

Microsoft Corporation


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The .NET Foundation is an independent organization, incorporated on March 31, 2014, by Microsoft Corporation, to improve open-source software development and collaboration around the .NET Framework. It was launched at the annual Build 2014 conference held by Microsoft. The foundation is license-agnostic, and projects that come to the foundation are free to choose any open-source license, as defined by the Open Source Initiative (OSI). The foundation uses GitHub to host the open-source projects it manages.


The foundation began with twenty-four projects under its stewardship including .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn") and the ASP.NET family of open-source projects, both open-sourced by Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. (MS Open Tech). Xamarin contributed six of its projects including the open source email libraries MimeKit and MailKit. As of July 2015, it is the steward of thirty-six projects, including: .NET Core, Entity Framework (EF), Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF), Umbraco, MSBuild, NuGet, Orchard CMS and WorldWide Telescope. Many of these projects are also listed under Outercurve Foundation project galleries.

Its board of directors consists of Gianugo Rabelino (Microsoft Open Technologies), Jay Schmelzer (Microsoft), and Miguel de Icaza (Microsoft-owned Xamarin).

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