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.350 Rigby

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Type  Rifle
Designer  John Rigby & Company
Produced  1908
Place of origin  United Kingdom
Designed  1908
Case type  Rimless, bottleneck

The .350 Rigby and .350 Rigby No 2 are proprietary centerfire rifle cartridges developed by John Rigby & Company and introduced in 1908, intended for use as an all-round African hunting round. They fire a .358" diameter 225 grain bullet at an advertised speed of 2600 fps.


.350 Rigby

The .350 Rigby, also known as .350 Rigby Nitro Express, is a rimless bottlenecked magnum-length cartridge designed by Rigby for use in their Mauser bolt action sporting rifles.

Famous users include the elephant hunters Denys Finch Hatton and John "Pondoro" Taylor. In his African Rifles and Cartridges, Taylor wrote of the .350 Rigby: "There is nothing spectacular about this cartridge; it has never had the write-up that the .318 and .375 Magnum get from time to time; nevertheless, it is a splendidly effective shell and at ranges of up to at least 150 yards kills as instantaneously as the .375 Magnum. In addition, it has an appreciably lighter recoil."

.350 Rigby No 2

The .350 Rigby No 2 is the rimmed version of the .350 Rigby, intended for use in double rifles. The .350 Rigby No 2 shares the same case as the Rigby’s earlier .400/350 Nitro Express, but is the ballistic twin of the .350 Rigby, the .400/350 fired a heavier 310 grain projectile at around 2000 fps.


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