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.25 NAA

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Type  Pistol
Designer  J.B. Wood
Manufacturer  North American Arms
Place of origin  United States
Designed  1999
Produced  2002

The .25 NAA was introduced by North American Arms company for their smaller (height: 1/4" less; length: 1/3" less) and lighter (by approx. 25%) .32 ACP Guardian model. It is a new design based on .32 ACP, but it is a rimless case necked down to accept .251" diameter (.25 ACP) bullets and case is longer than a standard .32 ACP.


History and design

The cartridge was originally conceived and prototyped by gunwriter J.B. Wood and called the 25/32 JBW. North American Arms and Cor-Bon Ammunition then further developed the cartridge and the NAA Guardian .25 NAA pistol combination for production in consultation with Ed Sanow. The finalized cartridge and pistol were introduced at the 2004 SHOT Show.

It followed the successful introduction of two other commercial bottleneck handgun cartridges, the .357 SIG in 1994 (which necked a .40 S&W case down to accept .355 cal. bullets); and the .400 Corbon in 1996 (which necked a .45 ACP case down to accept .40 cal. bullets).


According to NAA's website, the .25 NAA's 35 gr bullet travels faster (1200 f.p.s.) and hits harder (20% more energy on average) than larger, .32 ACP caliber bullets.


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