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...Or Stay Tuned

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Released  August 19, 2003
...Or Stay Tuned (2003)  Stepfather (2006)
Release date  19 August 2003
Genre  Hip hop music
Length  42:45
Artist  People Under the Stairs
Label  Om Records
Producers  Thes One, Double K
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Recorded  2001–2003, Los Angeles, California
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People under the stairs yield

...Or Stay Tuned is the fourth album by the People Under the Stairs and their final release on Om Records until 2009's Carried Away. The group's shortest album (clocking in at only 43 minutes), it was originally marketed as an EP release and called a "mini-album" in the liner notes. In the years since the album's release, the group has counted it among their main album catalog, as it was released on double-vinyl and meets the criteria for being full-length. The album also produced one single, "Yield".



Contractually, People Under The Stairs had one more album to complete with Om. After receiving a funding advance for the final album with Om, Thes One purchased a Neve 5116/32 mixing console, and in the space of a couple weeks in June, the group finished recording several tracks. After looking through their outtakes from the previous album, O.S.T., People Under The Stairs realized that they had enough unheard material (including the newly created tracks) to issue another release.

The final album contained five songs recorded as early as 2001, plus six new tracks. The only previously-released track on the album was a remix of "O.S.T. (Original Soundtrack)". Other "remixes" for the album included a very-short, a cappella rendition of a piece of "San Francisco Knights" and a completely re-imagined version of "The L.A. Song" which presented a much more serious and tragic view of the city.


Much like "Acid Raindrops" on their previous album, O.S.T., the song "Outrun" proved to be a hit with fans, with its Wesley Willis-tribute chorus and record scratching by Double K.

Allmusic gave the album four out of five stars, complimented PUTS' D.I.Y. attitude, and called ...Or Stay Tuned "highly recommended". The tracks "Drumbox", "OST Remix" and "Outrun" were also selected to appear in the ESPN NFL 2K5 video game as optional menu and stadium music.

Track listing

All songs written by Christopher "Thes One" Portugal and Michael "Double K" Turner.

Additional tracks:

  • The vinyl & Japanese CD releases of the album separate out the skit "Church" from the end of "Fly Love Song".
  • The Japanese release of the album also includes three additional tracks:
  • "R&B", 0:23 (a brief interlude between "Church" and "Drumbox")
  • "Hangloose Pt 2 (bonus track)", 4:23 (after "Outrun"; also known as "Hang Loose, Pt. 2")
  • "Fishbucket (bonus track)", 3:28 (after "Hangloose Pt 2"; also known as "Live At The Fishbucket, Pt. 2")
  • Songs

    2Plunken' Em4:19


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