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...And the Battle Begun

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Released  June 27, 2006
Length  50:32
Artist  Rx Bandits
Label  Sargent House
Recorded  2005-2006
Producer  Rx Bandits
Release date  27 June 2006
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...And The Battle Begun(2006)  Live from Bonnaroo 2007(2007)
Genres  Ska punk, Progressive rock, Alternative rock
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...And the Battle Begun is the fifth album by the Rx Bandits and is also the band's first album released by Matt Embree's label Mash Down Babylon. The album was officially released in stores on October 10, 2006, but was first made available in late June both directly from the band whilst on their 2006 summer tour and online via their website.


The album was originally slated to be released in late 2005 via Drive-Thru Records, but for reasons known only to the band and the label, they decided to part ways, despite the contract stating that one more album was due to the label. The album was eventually pushed back to May 2006 and later to October 2006 due to unspecified issues between the label and band. However, by the summer of 2006, both sides had cleared up any disputes, freeing up the latest album. The Rx Bandits officially moved to lead singer/guitarist Matt Embree's MDB Records, and prepared to release their newest album via the grassroots label. Consequentially, ...And The Battle Begun was made available during the band's 2006 Summer US Tour, and also for pre-order and mail order on the MDB Records Website.

Like The Resignation, the rhythm section was recorded live for ...And The Battle Begun. Overdubs were done in various other studios, one of which was Embree's. Referred to as "The Elizabethen", the studio is used by many of RxB's MDB labelmates, such as The Return.

...And The Battle Begun also featured the second and final appearance of saxophone player and backup vocalist Steve Borth, who had been with the band since after the release of Progress and had recorded with the band for The Resignation. Borth, according to the RX Bandits website, left the band to pursue his own musical career, which includes his band Satori. He officially departed the band mid-tour on June 28, 2006, his final performance being in New York City at the Bowery Ballroom the previous day.

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Rx Bandits

  • Matthew Embree – vocals, guitar
  • Steve Choi – guitar, keyboards
  • Steven Jess Borth II – saxophone, keyboards, backing vocals
  • Chris Sheets – trombone, backing vocals, percussion
  • Joseph Troy – bass
  • Christopher Tsagakis – drums
  • Additional Personnel

  • Robert Cheek, Ryan Baker, David Embree – Engineer
  • Louis Teran/Marcussen Mastering – Mastering
  • Aaron Nagel – Album cover painting
  • Lisa Huey – Photography
  • Josh Mintz – Layout
  • Songs

    2…And the Battle Begun4:56
    3In Her Drawer5:11


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