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...Acta Est Fabula

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Released  1997
Length  33:07
Genre  Gothic metal
Label  Massacre Records
Recorded  1996, Poland, 1997, Germany
...Acta Est Fabula (1997)  Letters from the Earth (1999)

...Acta Est Fabula is the debut album by the Polish gothic metal band Undish, released on Massacre Records in 1997.



...Acta Est Fabula was originally recorded in Poland in 1996 under the band name Graviora Manent. In 1997 the band name was changed to Undish and they were signed to Massacre Records. Undish rerecorded ...Acta Est Fabula in Germany after the record deal and Massacre Records published ...Acta Est Fabula to wider audience. Afterwards they toured Europe, specifically Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, together with Saviour Machine, Theatre of Tragedy, Alastis, and Aion.

Musically the album is gothic metal with doom metal type slow tempo and gothic rock influenced guitars. The atmosphere is romantic, ethereal, and dark. The vocals are shared between the drummer-vocalist Robert Baum and the female singer Ada Sazrata, who was originally a session musician on the album but joined the band officially later. Baum's vocals range from mid-range to low baritone, and Szarata's vocals are ethereal and mid range in the pitch. The album received a positive reception and was called original by critics.

Track listing

  1. "With Blood and Suffering" – 3:58
  2. "I Believe" – 4:33
  3. "Rose in the Window" – 3:07
  4. "I'm Sorry" – 5:27
  5. "Someone..." – 3:25
  6. "Reflection (Part I)" – 4:44
  7. "Reflection (Part II)" – 4:07
  8. "With Blood and Suffering (Part II)" – 3:49


  • Robert Baum: drums, vocals
  • Michal Christoph: guitar, guitar synthesizer
  • Ada Szarata: vocals
  • Gracjan Jeran: guitar
  • Darek Was: bass
  • Michal Branny: guitar
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