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-drag (Cyrillic: -драг) and -drog is a common Slavic given name word root, drag meaning "dear, beloved", in single-lexemed and dithematic (two lexemes) names.


Single-lexeme names

  • Serbo-Croatian Dragan (m.); Dragana (f.) (with past participle -an)
  • Serbo-Croatian Dragić (m.) (with suffix -ić)
  • Serbo-Croatian Dragica (f.) (with suffix -ica)
  • Serbo-Croatian Dragoje (m.) (with suffix -oje)
  • Serbo-Croatian Dragoš (m.) (with suffix -oš)
  • Dithematic names

  • Serbo-Croatian Dragimir, Dragomir (from mir, "peace, world")
  • Serbo-Croatian Dragislav, Dragoslav (from slava, "glory, fame")
  • Serbo-Croatian Dragivoj (from voj, "war")
  • Serbo-Croatian Dragoljub (from ljub, "love, to like")
  • Serbo-Croatian Dragorad (from rad, "happy, eager, to care")
  • Serbo-Croatian Dragosav (from sav, "all, every")
  • Suffixed
  • Serbo-Croatian Ljubodrag (from ljub, "love, to like")
  • Serbo-Croatian Milidrag, Milodrag (from milo, "love, to like")
  • Serbo-Croatian Miodrag (from mio, "tender, cute")
  • Serbo-Croatian Predrag (from pre, "very, much")
  • Serbo-Croatian Svedrag (from sve, "all")
  • Serbo-Croatian Vojdrag, Vojidrag (from voj, "war")
  • Serbo-Croatian Vukdrag, Vukodrag (from vuk, "wolf")
  • Serbo-Croatian Živodrag (from živo, "living")
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