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(Music From) The Mystery Rabbits

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ORG Records

Sack Trick

Between 1997 and 1999


Alex Dickson

Release date

(Music From) The Mystery Rabbits httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaen666Rab

Penguins on the Moon, Sheep in KISS Make Up, Music from "The Elder"

Sack trick music from the mystery rabbits full album

(Music From) The Mystery Rabbits is an alternative/funk/metal debut album by the pop group Sack Trick. Metal Hammer described it as "Like the funk rock record Frank Zappa and Monty Python never made". The subjects of the songs include tomato sandwiches, camels, ice cream and a "strange cigarette", interwoven with a rhyme called Little Pigs being sung in four different languages. Probably the best known song from the album is I Play Bass, a slap-bass rich confessional from Chris Dale, the band's frontman.


The album's title is likely to have been inspired by Music from "The Elder" by Kiss, which the band covered on their third album, Sheep in Kiss Make Up

Track listing

  1. "Perfect Today" – 3:52
    Chris Dale – Bass, Vocals; Alexander John Wallace Dickson – Guitar, Backing Vocals, Keyboards; Alessandro "Sponder" Elena – Drums
  2. "No Tomatoes For Me, Thanks" – 0:50
    Alexander John Wallace Dickson – Vocals, Guitar; Seaweed – Keyboards; Chris Dale – Vocals, Bass; Alessandro "Sponder" Elena – Drums; Vision – The Delicatessen
  3. "Maths Teacher's Words of Wisdom" – 3:09
    Dave Hobbs – Cello; Alessandro "Sponder" Elena – Drums, 1st Bavarian; Doogie White – Lead Vocals; Alexander John Wallace Dickson – 2nd Bavarian, Glockenspiel, Moothie, Guitar; Jack Endino – Rock Icon; Chris Dale – 3rd Bavarian, Bass; Big Blue Parrot (Courtesy of London Zoo) – Intro Vocals; Class 4b of Berenger Sauniere Primary – Chorus Vocals
  4. "Klein Schwien" – 0:34
  5. "Robin's Good News" – 1:29
    Starring Robin Guy as Himself; Alexander John Wallace Dickson – Samples, Loops, Keyboards, Vocals; Alessandro "Sponder" Elena – Backing Vocals; Chris Dale – Backing Vocals, Bass
  6. "Hiring Camels" – 3:15
    Chris Dale – Bass, Keyboards, Vocals; Alessandro "Sponder" Elena – Guitar Solo, Drums; Alexander John Wallace Dickson – Backing Vocals, Guitar, Theremin
  7. "Maialino" – 0:35
  8. "I Play Bass" – 3:35
    Chris Dale – Bass, Vocals, Intro Guitar; Alessandro "Sponder" Elena – Drums, Outro Bass, Middle 8 Vocals; Pete Friesen – Guitar Solo; Alexander John Wallace Dickson – Theremin, Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
  9. "Lilla Grys" – 0:35
  10. "Shoelaces" – 5:52
  11. "The Turd That Just Wouldn't Flush" – 3:51
  12. "Alcoholic Bulimia" – 2:35
  13. "Puerquito" – 0:33
  14. "Blue Ice Cream" – 5:30
  15. "Mabel" (Bonus Track)


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