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Óscar Moreno

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Nationality  Portuguese
Academic advisor  Marie Curie
Fields  Medicine, Chemistry
Born  November 16, 1878 Oporto, Portugal (1878-11-16)
Institutions  University of Paris Oporto University
Alma mater  University of Paris Oporto University
Died  26 May 1971, Porto, Portugal
Education  University of Porto, University of Paris

Óscar Moreno (Porto, November 16, 1878 - Porto, May 26, 1971), was a Portuguese urologist, doctor, scientist and chemist.


Early life

Moreno was born in Porto, in the parish of Victoria, the son of Joseph Lawrence Russo, and Lucinda de Sousa Martins Ribeiro. His uncle (on his mother's side) was Dr. Rodrigo de Sousa Moreno, doctor of the medical school of Porto and administrator of the county of Gondomar.


Influenced by his uncle, he started his medical studies in the School of Medicine and Surgery of Porto. On completing the course of medicine in 1908 as a student of Roberto Frias, he attended the Medical School of Paris (Necker Hospital) as a student of Marie Curie. There he specialized in urology, completing his doctorate in medicine in the year of 1911. His thesis "About Kidney Functions" received the best classification.


Moreno was monitor of the Urinary service in the Medical School of Paris (Necker Hospital) from 1908 to 1911. He was also hired to be Professor of Urology at the School of Medicine of Porto, from 1917 to 1948, the first professor to occupy that position in the School of Medicine of Porto. He founded and directed the Department of Urology in the General Hospital of Santo António (1924), originally called the Department of Urology and Venerology.

Moreno devoted his work in particular to the exploitation of functional kidneys, and contributed to the discovery of "Ambard constant," also called the "Ambard-Moreno constant," which is used to assess the state of operation of the kidney.

He died in Porto, in the parish of Victoria.

Scientific papers

Moreno published numerous scientific papers, published in Portugal and abroad:

  • "Volume et des urines maximum concentration. Signification diagnosed de la pyurie", in collaboration with Heitz Boyer, Médicale Presse, March 29, 1911;
  • "Des injections de pâte bismuthée en chirurgie urinaire", in collaboration with Heitz Boyer, Anal. des evil. des voies urinaires, 11, 1910;
  • "Comparaison du fonctionnement rénal avant et après la néphrectomie", in collaboration with Chevassu, Revue de Gynécologie, 1911.
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