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(86047) 1999 OY3

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Discovery date  18 July 1999
Alternative names  none
Aphelion  51.168 AU (7.6546 Tm)
Inclination  24.261°
Mean anomaly  62.419°
Asteroid family  Haumea family
MPC designation  (86047) 1999 OY3
Observation arc  2572 days (7.04 yr)
Discovered  18 July 1999
Argument of perihelion  303.74°
Orbits  Sun
Discovery site  Mauna Kea Observatories
Minor planet category  Cubewano (MPC) Extended (DES)

(86047) 1999 OY3, also written as (86047) 1999 OY3, is a trans-Neptunian object that resides in the Kuiper belt beyond Pluto. It was discovered on July 18, 1999, at the Mauna Kea Observatory, Hawaii.

Haumea family

1999 OY3 is a candidate member of the Haumea family and probably has a very high albedo.

Of the known Haumea-family members, 2009 OY3 has the dimmest absolute magnitude (H) of the group at 6.8, suggesting that it is also the smallest member of the group.


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