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(8035) 1992 TB

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Discovered by  Spacewatch
Alternative names  None
Aphelion  1.9625 AU (293.59 Gm)
Absolute magnitude  17.1
Asteroid group  Apollo asteroid
Discovery date  2 October 1992
Observation arc  8363 days (22.90 yr)
Discovered  2 October 1992
Orbits  Sun
Discoverer  Spacewatch
(8035) 1992 TB
Perihelion  0.72149 AU (107.933 Gm)
Discovery site  Kitt Peak National Observatory
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(8035) 1992 TB is an Apollo asteroid, a type of Near-Earth Object. It is also a Venus-crosser and a Mars-crosser, although it doesn't make close approaches to Mars.

Encounters with Venus and Earth

1992 TB makes close approaches to Earth, but often comes many times closer to Venus. Soon after the discovery of the asteroid in 1992, a close approaches of Earth was made. Three years after it was discovered, 1992 TB came 45,720,000 km (0.3056 AU) from Earth. In 2003, (8035) 1992 TB was listed as a potentially hazardous object, but has since been removed. However, 1992 TB is not expected to come within 37,000,000 km (0.25 AU) of Earth in the near future. On the other hand, 1992 TB can come much closer to Venus. Its next Venus encounter is in May 29, 2015, where it will come 11,710,000 km (0.0783 AU) from the planet. Its closest approach in the near future will be 7,380,000 km (0.0493 AU).


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