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(417634) 2006 XG1

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Discovery date  11 December 2006
Observation arc  2956 days (8.09 yr)
Discovered  11 December 2006
Argument of perihelion  343.99°
Absolute magnitude  18.5
Discoverer  Catalina Sky Survey
Alternative names  none
Aphelion  3.9232 AU (586.90 Gm)
Inclination  20.429°
Mean anomaly  133.9°
Asteroid group  Amor asteroid
Discovered by  Catalina Sky Survey0.68-m Schmidt (703)
Minor planet category  Apollo,Mars-crosser asteroid

(417634) 2006 XG1 (also written 2006 XG1) is a near-Earth asteroid that had a low but non-zero probability of impacting Earth on October 31, 2041. Originally listed with a Torino Scale hazard rating of 0, this was raised to a rating of 1 on December 22, 2006 as a result of additional observations and refinement of the orbital calculations. However, on January 9, 2007 it was returned to a rating of 0. It was removed from the Sentry Risk Table on February 7, 2007. It is now known that the asteroid will not make a close approach to the Earth in 2041. On October 31, 2041 the asteroid will be 1.69 AU (253,000,000 km; 157,000,000 mi) from the Earth.

2006 XG1 was discovered on September 20, 2006 by the University of Arizona's Catalina Sky Survey using a 0.68-metre (27 in) Schmidt–Cassegrain telescope. The object is estimated to be between 600 and 1300 meters by NEODyS, and approximately 670 meters by the JPL Sentry System. The estimated mass is 4.2×1011 kg.

2006 XG1 passed 0.0298 AU (4,460,000 km; 2,770,000 mi) from asteroid 87 Sylvia on 1969 June 20.


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