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(303775) 2005 QU182

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Discovery date  30 August 2005
Minor planet category  TNO (SDO)
MPC designation  2005 QU182
Observation arc  13642 days (37.35 yr)
(303775) 2005 QU182

Discovered by  M. E. BrownD. L. RabinowitzC. A. Trujillo
Aphelion  184.19 AU (27.554 Tm) (Q)

(303775) 2005 QU182, also written as (303775) 2005 QU182, is a trans-Neptunian object with a bright absolute magnitude of 3.5. Mike Brown lists it as probably a dwarf planet.


It came to perihelion in 1971 and is currently 51.8 AU from the Sun. In April 2013, it moved beyond 50 AU from the Sun.

It has been observed 81 times over 10 oppositions with precovery images back to 1974.


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