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(24835) 1995 SM55

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Discovered by  Nichole Danzl
MPC designation  (24835) 1995 SM55
Aphelion  46.152 AU (6.9042 Tm)
Discovered  19 September 1995
Orbits  Sun
Asteroid family  Haumea family
Discovery date  19 September 1995
Observation arc  11751 days (32.17 yr)
Orbital period  271 years
Inclination  27.092°
Discoverer  Nichole M. Danzl
Minor planet category  Cubewano (MPC) Extended (DES)
Discovery site  Kitt Peak National Observatory

(24835) 1995 SM55, also written (24835) 1995 SM55, is a trans-Neptunian object (TNO) that resides in the Kuiper belt that was discovered on September 19, 1995, by Nichole M. Danzl. Until (19308) 1996 TO66 was discovered, it was the second-largest known object in the Kuiper belt, after Pluto.


Based on their common pattern of IR water-ice absorptions, neutral visible spectrum and the clustering of their orbital elements, the other KBOs (19308) 1996 TO66, (55636) 2002 TX300, (120178) 2003 OP32 and (145453) 2005 RR43 all appear to be collisional fragments broken off of the dwarf planet Haumea.


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