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(181708) 1993 FW

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Discovery date  28 March 1993
Aphelion  46.293 AU (6.9253 Tm)
Observation arc  5456 days (14.94 yr)
Perihelion  41.642 AU (6.2296 Tm)
Discovered by  David C. Jewitt, Jane X. Luu
Minor planet category  Trans-Neptunian object (cubewano)

(181708) 1993 FW was the second trans-Neptunian object to be discovered after Pluto and Charon. It was discovered in 1993 by David C. Jewitt and Jane X. Luu at the Mauna Kea Observatory, Hawaii. Following its discovery it was nicknamed 'Karla' by its discoverers. Mike Brown lists it as possibly a dwarf planet on his website.


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