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(153201) 2000 WO107

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Discovered by  LINEAR
MPC designation  2000 WO107
Minor planet category  Aten NEO, PHA
Discovered  29 November 2000
Argument of perihelion  213.69846°
Asteroid group  Aten asteroid
Discovery date  29 November 2000
Alternative names  MPO 330062, MPO169985
Observation arc  5566 days (15.24 yr)
Inclination  7.7714772°
Discovery site  Socorro
Discoverer  Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research
Similar  (153814) 2001 WN5, (137108) 1999 AN10, (308635) 2005 YU55

(153201) 2000 WO107 is a small asteroid that is a Near-Earth object and an Aten asteroid.



The orbit of (153201) 2000 WO107 has been well-established with over 14 years of observations. The orbit of (153201) 2000 WO107 makes it a potentially hazardous asteroid (PHA) that is predicted to pass within 0.001629 AU (243,700 km) of the Earth in the year 2140. For comparison, the distance to the Moon is about 0.0026 AU (384,400 km). However, the asteroid does not appear on the list of PHA close approaches issued by the Minor Planet Center (MPC).

The Jupiter Tisserand invariant, used to distinguish different kinds of orbits, is 6.228.

Physical characteristics

The SMASSII spectral type is X.


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