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't Is Genoeg

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Country  Netherlands
Language  Dutch
Lyricist(s)  Joke van Soest
Artist(s)  Conny Vandenbos
Composer(s)  Johnny Holshuyzen
Conductor  Dolf van der Linden

't Is genoeg ("It's Enough"), spelled in full Het is genoeg in the official Eurovision web site, was the Netherlands' entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1965.

Performed in Dutch by Conny Vandenbos, the song is sung from the perspective of a woman whose lover has been unfaithful in the past, but has attempted to make up for this infidelity with displays of love. The singer has had enough of all these games, all this playing with fire. The final outlook for the couple's relationship is not certain, however: after describing the moments of happiness her lover does give her, Vandenbos ends the song by singing "it's enough".

The song was performed first on the night, preceding the United Kingdom's "I Belong" sung by Kathy Kirby. By the close of voting, it had received five points, placing it 11th in a field of 18.

It was succeeded as the entry from the Netherlands at the 1966 Contest by Milly Scott singing "Fernando en Filippo".


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