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's Gravesloot

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Local time  Saturday 10:09 AM

Weather  5°C, Wind S at 11 km/h, 96% Humidity

's-Gravesloot is a former hamlet and municipality in the Dutch province of Utrecht. It was located between Kamerik and Woerden.

's-Gravesloot was a heerlijkheid (manor) owned by the province of Utrecht until 1751, when it was sold to a private owner. When the current municipal system was introduced in the Netherlands in 1812, it became part of Kamerik. When that municipality was split into three parts, 's-Gravesloot became a separate municipality again. In 1857, Kamerik-Mijzijde, Kamerik-Houtdijken, and 's-Gravesloot merged again, to form the new municipality of Kamerik. Kamerik and 's-Gravesloot are now part of Woerden.

The municipality of 's-Gravesloot consisted of a polder with the same name, covered an area of 3.23 km2, and contained the hamlet of 's-Gravesloot. It had a population of about 110.


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