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Zhaga Consortium

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Formation  2010
Secretary General  Menno Treffers
Purpose  Enabling the interchangeability of LED light sources made by different manufacturers
Membership  Companies involved in production, testing, and installation of lighting fixtures

The Zhaga Consortium is an international organization establishing industry standards for interchangeable LED light source modules. The consortium is a member program of the IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization (IEEE-ISTO.) Zhaga standards include standards for physical, electrical, thermal and photometric interface parameters of LED light engines, with a goal increasing the ability of customers and manufacturers to rapidly adopt LED lighting technology for both commercial and residential applications through the use of interchangeable parts.

The consortium was established in February 2010, and as of August 2012 had more than 190 company members. In 2012, several lighting manufacturers have announced or are producing Zhaga compatible LED modules. The Zhaga consortium has established a series of 'Books' laying out interface standards, and a logo program to indicate compatibility with these standards through a program of certification and testing. Only certified products are allowed to cary the Zhaga logo.


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