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Zena (given name)

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Zena is a feminine given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Zena Dare (1887–1975), English singer and actress
  • Zena Grey (born 1988), American actress
  • Zena Keefe (1896–1977), American silent film actress
  • Zena Marshall (1925–2009), British actress
  • Zena McNally (born 1979), English singer
  • Zena Skinner (born 1927), English chef and television presenter
  • Zena Tooze (born 1955), Canadian biologist and conservationist
  • Zena Tsarfin, American journalist
  • Zena Walker (1934–2003), English actress
  • Zena Werb (born 1945), cell biologist at University of California, San Francisco
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