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Zen (TV series)

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Genre  Police drama
Composer(s)  Adrian Johnston
Network  BBC One
7.9/10 IMDb

Opening theme  Adrian Johnston
First episode date  2 January 2011
Written by  Simon BurkePeter BerryMichael Dibdin (novels)
Directed by  John Alexander (Vendetta)Christopher Menaul (Cabal)Jon Jones (Ratking)
Starring  Rufus SewellCaterina MurinoBen MilesCatherine SpaakStanley TownsendEd StoppardFrancesco QuinnAnthony Higgins
Executive producers  Andy Harries, Rebecca Eaton
Cast  Rufus Sewell, Caterina Murino, Ben Miles, Stanley Townsend, Ed Stoppard
Similar  Midsomer Murders, DCI Banks, Grantchester (TV series)

Zen learns the truth about arianna ruspanti zen episode 2 cabal preview bbc one

Zen is a British television series produced by Left Bank Pictures for the BBC, co-produced with WGBH Boston for its Masterpiece anthology series, Mediaset and ZDF. It stars Rufus Sewell and Caterina Murino and is based on the Aurelio Zen detective novels by Michael Dibdin. The series was filmed on location in Italy, but the dialogue is in English. The series, which comprises three 90-minute films, was broadcast in the United Kingdom on Sunday evenings from 2 January 2011 on BBC One. The three films were based on the books Vendetta, Cabal and Ratking. The series was cancelled by BBC One in February 2011; BBC One controller Danny Cohen later said there were already enough male crime-fighters on TV. Left Bank, the show's producer, tried to find other broadcasters to fund another series but were unsuccessful.


Zen s secret rendezvous with tania zen episode 2 cabal preview bbc one

Regular Cast

  • Rufus Sewell as Aurelio Zen
    An honest, slightly mild mannered Detective. Struggling to maintain his integrity amongst the difficult political climate. He is hopelessly in love with Tania Moretti, going so far as to start an affair with her.
  • Caterina Murino as Tania Moretti
    Zen's girlfriend and police co-worker. She is beautiful, smart and compassionate. She loves Zen and throughout the series is desperately trying to divorce her husband.
  • Ben Miles as Amedeo Colonna
    A powerful, amoral man who frequently hires Zen to investigate crimes bearing certain political ramifications, much to Zen's disdain.
  • Stanley Townsend as Moscati
    Zen's boss. He is a gruff, no nonsense man who does not suffer fools gladly. Nonetheless he has shown to have developed much respect and fondness for both Zen and Tania.
  • Francesco Quinn as Gilberto Nieddu
    A Policeman turned Private Detective, formerly Zen's partner. The two men retain a strong friendship, Zen constantly turning to Gilberto for favours, usually relating to the investigation on hand.
  • Catherine Spaak as Donata
    Zen's mother who shares an apartment with her son. She is Wise and caring, although she makes no secret of her frequent concern for her son's safety.
  • Vincent Riotta as Giorgio de Angelis
    A policeman who assists Zen in his investigations.
  • Ed Stoppard as Vincenzo Fabri
    A self important policeman, he finds it hard to get promotion, in spite of his family connections.
  • Anthony Higgins as Eduardo Guerchini, a powerful political figure and Colonna's superior.
  • Series 1 (2011)

    Series 1 was first shown in the USA on the PBS network: Vendetta, Cabal, and Ratking on 17, 24 and 31 July 2011, respectively.


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