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Zakharov (Russian: Захаров), or Zakharova (feminine; Захарова) is a Russian surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alexey Zakharov, several people
  • Alexander V. Zakharov (born 1941), Soviet and Russian scientist
  • Andreyan Zakharov (1761–1811), Russian architect
  • Artem Zakharov (footballer) (born 1996), Ukrainian footballer
  • Fyodor Zakharov (1919–1994), Russian and Ukrainian painter
  • Gennadi Zakharov, Soviet physicist and spy
  • Georgiy Zakharov (1897–1957), Soviet military leader and army general
  • Gury Zakharov (born 1926), Soviet graphic artist
  • Halyna Zakharova (born 1947), Soviet handball player
  • Ivan Zakharov (1816–85), Russian Sinologist
  • Mark Zakharov (born 1933), Russian film and theatre director and playwright
  • Matvei Zakharov (1898–1972), Soviet military leader, Marshal of the Soviet Union, and double Hero of the Soviet Union
  • Mitrofan Zakharov (1916–1944), Soviet aircraft pilot and Hero of the Soviet Union
  • Nadezhda Zakharova (born 1945), Soviet basketball player
  • Olive Zakharov (1929–1995), Australian politician
  • Pyotr Zakharov-Chechenets (1816–1846), Russian painter of Chechen origin
  • Prokhor Zakharov, Fictional character profile from the video game Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri
  • Rostislav Zakharov (1907–1984), Soviet choreographer and People's Artist of the USSR
  • Semyon Zakharov (born 1906), Soviet military leader and admiral
  • Sergei Zakharov (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Stella Zakharova (born 1963), Soviet gymnast
  • Svetlana Zakharova (athlete) (born 1970), Russian runner
  • Svetlana Zakharova (dancer) (born 1979), Russian dancer
  • Tetiana Zakharova-Nadyrova (born 1951), Soviet basketball player
  • Viktor Zakharov (1919–1944), Soviet aircraft pilot and Hero of the Soviet Union
  • Vladimir E. Zakharov (born 1939), Russian theoretical physicist
  • Vladimir Ivanovich Zakharov (born 1961), Belarusian guitarist, composer and music teacher
  • Vladimir Grigoryevich Zakharov (1901–1956), Soviet composer
  • Vladimir Mikhailovich Zakharov (born 1946) Russian choreographer, dancer and academician
  • Vyacheslav Zakharov (born 1941), Soviet/Russian saxophone player and jazzman
  • Yakov Zakharov (1765–1836), Russian chemist and academician
  • Yevgen Zakharov (born 1952), Ukrainian human rights activist
  • Yury Zakharov (born 1938), Russian chemist and former rector of Rector of Kemerovo State University
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