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Yuri Semenov

Nationality  Russian

Name  Yuri Semenov
Yuri Semenov
Born  September 5, 1929 (age 86) Sverdlovsk, USSR (1929-09-05)
Fields  history of primitive society the theory of knowledge Philology
Institutions  Moscow Physical-Technical Institute
Alma mater  Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical Institute

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Yuriy Semenov (born September 5, 1929 in Sverdlovsk, USSR) - Soviet and Russian historian, philosopher, anthropologist, an expert on the history of philosophy, history of primitive society, the theory of knowledge; the original creator of the globally-formation (relay-stadial) the concept of world history. Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor.

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He graduated from the history department of the Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical Institute. For a while he taught history in the provincial universities. After his work in the field of antroposotsiogeneza attracted the attention of prominent scientists of Moscow, he defended his doctoral thesis at the Institute of Ethnography (1963). In 1967, Semenov became a professor of the Department of Philosophy of the Moscow Physical-Technical Institute (Dolgoprudny), where he worked for half a century and continue to the present (fall 2015). Also in combination for a long time he worked at the Institute of World History, USSR Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology.

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Having began a scientific career by studying the primitive society, Semenov simultaneously developed the problem politar society - first class societies that preceded feudalism. Research in this area led him to create the original globally stadial concept of world history. Throughout his academic career, sharing the basic principles of Marxism, Semenov, however, developed these ideas according to the new factual material, thus becoming one of the prominent members of the Soviet (and later - Russian) "creative Marxism".

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He is known for his polemic and often harsh style of debate.

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