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Yunyang County

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Area  3,634 km2

Yunyang County (Chinese: ; pinyin: ) is a county of Chongqing Municipality in China.

Map of Yunyang County

In eastern Chongqing is Yunyang County with over 1,400 years of history and a reputation as the Bright Pearl of Chongqing. The county abounds with natural resources, beautiful landscapes and historical relics. The culture of Ba (the ancient name of Chongqing), salt culture and the culture of the Migrants from Three Gorges area can be learned in this area. The scenery here is rich. Mountain, river, valley, cave and ancient architecture can be seen here. Zhang Fei Temple, which is regarded as a wonderful historic relic of the Yangtze River area is a must. It was built in memory of Zhang Fei, a general of the Three Kingdoms Period (220 - 280). The temple, with over 1,700 years of history is visited by numerous tourists from home and abroad every year. It has been a hotspot for Yangtze River Cruises.

Because of the Three Gorges Dam Project, territories of Yunyang County have been submerged. The whole county and its local people have moved to the new county of Yunyang. Located at Shuangjiang Town on the northern bank of the Yangtze River, the new county is 162 miles from the Three Gorges Dam and 223 miles from Chongqing City. It is the county that has moved the longest distance among the migrating counties and cities during the Three Gorges Project.

Together with the people, Zhang Fei Temple, which is the hot scenic spot here has also been moved to Panshi Town which is opposite the New Town of Yunyang.

After years of construction, Yunyang has developed quickly and now has over 150 thousand local residences. The museum presenting the culture of the Migrants from the Three Gorges area has been built. Now, it has become a city with a good environment, well-developed communication and rich tourism resources.

Tips: Zhangwang Fair which is to celebrate the birth of Zhang Fei is usually held on August 27 (lunar month) in Zhang Fei Temple by the local people. Some sacrifice activities are held in the temple.


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