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Yu Geun Hyeong

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Died  1993

Yu Geun-Hyeong (유근형 ; 柳根瀅) (April 5, 1894-January 20, 1993) was a Korean ceramist who specialised in celadon Goryeo ware. HIs name is also written Yu Geun-Hyeong or Yu Kun-hyong or Yoo Geun-hyung.


He produced porcelain celadon from 1911 to 1945, and devoted his life to researching celadon across the country and resurrecting Goryeo celadon (청자장 ; 磁匠 ; Cheongjajang).

The name of his kiln was Haegang (해강 ; 海剛), which was located in Gyeonggi Province outside Seoul. Yu had very high standards for his work. Every piece that was taken out of the kiln after firing was completed was carefully inspected from all sides. Any pieces that showed a flaw and did not fit the high standards were then smashed to the ground on the spot. This was to ensure the consistent high quality of new Goryeo wares that would then enter the market coming from his kiln, and this method was not something unusual amongst traditional Korean and Japanese ceramists adhering to the old schools.

He established the Haegang Ceramics Museum in Shindun-myeon, Icheon in 1960. His work and efforts were recognised and he was nominated by the government as a Living National Treasure as holder of Intangible Cultural Property No.13 of Gyeonggi Province.

At a very late age, together with his oldest son and successor Yu Kwang-Ryeol, or Yoo Kwang-yul (유광렬 ; 柳光烈), he founded the Haegang Pottery Art Gallery in 1990.

His work was documented in the film Koryo Celadon in 1979, which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Short.


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