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You Turn Me On (song)

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Released  1965
Length  2:44
Format  Single
Label  Tower 134
B-side  Poor But Honest (Tower 134)
Genre  British Invasion, Rock & Roll

"You Turn Me On" is a 1965 single by Ian Whitcomb and Bluesville. The song is noticeable for Whitcomb's falsetto and "orgasmic vocal hook". Whitcomb recorded this song with his band, Bluesville. As part of the British Invasion, "You Turn Me On" reached number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the U.S.. American actress and singer Mae West recorded the song a year later for her album Way Out West. The hit version is edited; the original single was over 3 minutes, had a cold ending and a longer intro where you can clearly hear a mike stand falling over and hitting the wall!. members of Bluesville included Mick Molloy on lead guitar, Deke O'Brien on Rhythm Guitar, Brian Lynch on bass, Ian McGarry on drums,and Pete Adler and Barry Ricahrdson on sax.


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