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You Can Dance – Po Prostu Tańcz! (season 4)

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Broadcast from  March 4 – June 5, 2009
Broadcaster  TVN, TVN HD
Host(s)  Kinga Rusin
Venue  Poland
Judges  Agustin Egurolla Michał Piróg Weronika Marczuk-Pazura
Origin  Trzcianka, Wielkopolskie

The fourth season of You Can Dance: Po prostu tańcz!. The dancers compete to win PLN 100,000 and a 3-month scholarship in dance school Broadway Dance Center, but first they have to go through auditions. Later, 36 contestants do the workshops abroad - this season in Lisbon, Portugal. This seasons on choreography camp special guest choreographer was Laurie Ann Gibson. From sixteen people, two dancers are eliminated in each episode, to the final episode that features the two contestants. The show is hosted by Kinga Rusin. The judges are Agustin Egurolla, Michał Piróg and Weronika Marczuk-Pazura. It premiered on 4 March 2009. Anna Kapera was announced as the winner on 5 June 2009.



Season Background Song: Poker Face - Lady Gaga
Open auditions for this season were held in the following locations:

  • Wrocław
  • Kraków
  • Gdańsk
  • Białystok
  • Warszawa
  • The song during Sneek Peeks at the end of the episode is Just Lose It - Eminem

    Top 36 dancers

    During the auditions judges picked 36 dancers. These dancers were taking part in choreography camp in Lisboa, Portugal.

    ^1 These dancers were shown only in youcandance.tvn.pl website extras. ^2 These dancers weren't shown anywhere. ^3 These dancers earned the tickets after choreography round.

    Returning Dancers

    This season there were some returning dancers, who were trying their chances last seasons.

    Choreography Camp (Lizbona) week

    Judges: Agustin Egurolla, Weronika Marczuk-Pazura, Michał Piróg

    Eliminations during Choreography Camp

  • Dancers were practising choreographies during first three days of the Camp. Then there were no cuts, judges gave some dancers, who didn't handle the choreographies well yellow cards, second yellow equals red card.
  • After rehearsals contestants performed only in chosen by choreographer style, then judges made cuts.
  • After these cuts remaining contestants moved to Final Choreography round with special guest star Laurie Ann Gibson
  • Cuts after first round: Marika Netzel, Anna Kasprzak, Paulina Figińska, Mateusz Agiejczyk, Sylwia Jarzyńska, Krystian Waszkiewicz, Brajan Poniatowski, Paweł Olewiński, Sylwia Dymek, Adrian Wilczko, Katarzyna Wach, Łukasz Szotko, Piotr Dąbrowski. Cuts after Final Choreography round: Anna Szymoniak1, Piotr Abramowicz, Ewa Radew, Krzysztof Kulling, Magdalena Grzela.
    Cuts after dancing for live: Michalina Twarowska, Martyna Majak, Jakub Konieczny.

    ^1 Anna Szymoniak was cut after Final Choreography round, but because of low level solos at dancing for live she was asked to perform her solo, and she moved to the top 16.

    Week 1: Top 16 (8 April 2009)

  • Group Dance: Deep Inside — Masters at Work/I Don't Like The Look of This - Da Backwudz (House/Hip-Hop; Choreographer: Filip Czeszyk)
  • Guest Dancers:
  • Maciej "Gleba Florek & Anna Bosak, Artur Ciecórski & Katarzyna Kubalska, Wioletta Fiuk & Gabriel Piotrowski (Finalists of previous series) - Freedom - George Michael
  • Rafał "Roofi" Kamiński, Ida Nowakowska, Natalia Madejczyk, Anna Bosak, Maria Foryś Maciej "Gleba" Florek, Artur Ciecórski, Wioletta Fiuk - Yahiii, Yahaiieee - Magda Miton & Afromental/Fight For Your Life - Afromental & Andy Stewlocks Ninvall
  • Top 16 Couple dances:
  • Bottom 3 Couples solos:
  • Eliminated:
  • Barbara Zielińska
  • Mieszko Wiśniewski
  • Week 2: Top 14 (22 April 2009)

  • Group Dance: Sorry (remix) — Madonna (Modern Jazz; Choreographer: Katarzyna Kizior)
  • Top 14 Couple dances:
  • Bottom 3 Couples solos:
  • Eliminated:
  • Anna Szymoniak
  • Jurij Żurajew
  • Week 3: Top 12 (29 April 2009)

  • Group Dance: Show Me Love (Safari mix) — Mobin Masters & Robin S & Karina Chavez (Hip-Hop; Choreographer: Gabriel Francisco)
  • Top 10 Couple dances:
  • Bottom 3 Couples solos:
  • Eliminated:
  • Adrianna Piechówka
  • Maksymilian Hać
  • Week 4: Top 10 (6 May 2009)

  • Group Dance: Cloud Nine — Evanescence (Contemporary; Choreographer: Mariusz Olszewski)
  • Top 10 Couple Dances:
  • Bottom 3 Couples solos:
  • Eliminated*:
  • Kaja Kudełko
  • Rafał Kabungwe
  • Week 5: Top 8 (13 May 2009)

  • Group Dances:
  • Top 8 Couple dances:
  • Bottom 3 Couples solos:
  • Eliminated:
  • Eliza Kindziuk
  • Jakub Werel
  • Week 6: Top 6 (20 May 2009)

  • Group Dance: Let Me Entertain You - Robbie Williams (Jazz; Choreographer: Jonathan Huor)
  • Guest Dancers: Swing Latino: Quimbara - Celia Cruz & Johnny Pacheco
  • Top 6 Couple dances:
  • Top 6's solos:
  • Eliminated:
  • Klaudia "Jadżka" Koruba
  • Paweł Kulik
  • Week 7: Semi-Finale - Top 4 (27 May 2009)

  • Group Dance: Right Round - Flo Rida ft. Kesha (Hip-Hop; Choreographer: Joao Assuncao)
  • Guest Dancers: SPOKO - Fix Up - Dizzie Rascal/Bass Phenomeon - Krafty Kutz/It's Me Bitches - Swizz Beats
  • Top 4 Couple dances:
  • Top 4's solos:
  • Eliminated:
  • Julia Żytko
  • Piotr Jeznach
  • Week 8: Finale - Top 2 (3 June 2009)

  • Group dances:
  • Guest Dancers:
  • Wioletta Fiuk & Marcin Mroziński (Both season 3): Homeless - Leona Lewis
  • Fair Play Crew (Rafał "Roofi" Kamiński, Piotr Gałczyk, Błażej Górski, Gabriel Piotrowski, Karol Niecikowski, Piotr Jeznach, Piotr Abramowicz: Latin Thugs - Cypress Hill/U Can't Tell Me Nuffin - Dizzie Rascal/Waiting on the World to Change - John Mayer/Za Dużo Chcesz - ABC/Pushin' - Frank Stallone & Ray Pizzi & Jerry Hey
  • Top 2 Couple dances:
  • Top 2 solos:
  • Results:
  • Winner: Anna Kapera
  • Runner-up: Łukasz Zięba
  • First for any So You Think You Can Dance series

  • On top 14 show there was first ever Wacking routine, it was danced by Adrianna Piechówka and Jakub Werel.
  • First for You Can Dance - Po Prostu Tańcz!

  • First ever Wacking. Top 14 Adrianna Piechówka & Jakub Werel.
  • In finale there were two dancers. In semi finale there were two dancers eliminated as at every other stage of the competition.
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